Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Being Black Matter only When Conservatives are in Power

Liberal hypocrisy is astounding. When Bill Clinton abused his office and had sex with Monica Lewinsky, not a single woman’s group spoke against him. Nothing was said by feminists when a number of women came forward and claimed they had been sexually assaulted by Clinton.

During Republican administrations, minority groups continually did diversity head counts. Liberals are not really about racial and sexual diversity. They are all about ideology wrapped up in black skin and breasts. All they care about is getting their agenda passed into law, and they will do anything to make it happen.

You’ll recall how Republicans were attacked because of their questioning of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice. It was because she was a woman, and a black woman at that. Remember this?:

“The incoming chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus – Rep. Marcia Fudge, a Democrat from Cleveland – accused Sen. John McCain of ‘sexism and racism’ for criticizing UN Ambassador Susan Rice for going on five Sunday talk shows and claiming the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was a spontaneous reaction to a video posted on YouTube.”

Race and gender mattered for liberals when conservatives were on the wrong side of an issue. Minorities and women are props for the Democratic Party to force a liberal ideology on the nation.

Now that there’s little racial and gender variety in the Obama Administration, diversity is no longer an issue because Obama is the keeper of the flame of liberalism. As long as the government protects the welfare State, supports abortion on demand, sanctions homosexual anything, and keeps the money flowing, all is right with the liberal political world.

Am I exaggerating? Consider this from MSNBC host and commentator Melissa Harris Perry. For the record, she’s black:

“I think we want to be careful, because no one wants to assume that any given physical body carries with it a set of political ideas, so for example, you know, Clarence Thomas sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States does not mean that Justice Thomas is representing, necessarily, the positions, the issues, even the Constitutional interpretation that is shared by the vast majority of civil rights organizations and by the vast majority of African-Americans. Simply putting women in a space, for example, had Congresswoman Bachmann ended up as the president of the United States, she might not have been representative of women’s issues in the broadest sense, because so many women are, in fact on the side of reproductive rights and justice.”

Put these same words in the mouth of a conservative, and all political hell would break lose. Conservatives don’t look at skin color, gender, or national origin. We’re all about, “Can the person do the job?”

But conservatives can never say what Ms. Perry said. Democrats will immediately accuse them of using “racial code words,” that when translated mean, “It’s OK to discriminate against women and blacks.”

Ms. Perry is pushing ideology, and it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re black or white, ‘gay’ or straight, or male or female. This means it doesn’t matter how many blacks or women Republicans elect; they don’t – they can’t – pass the liberal litmus test.