The Affordable Care Act Is Handing Republicans Victory (If They Can Grasp It)

Some pretty amazing numbers showed up in the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll.

First of all, the American people are paying attention.

…the public reports paying close attention to news stories related to the ACA. Over half (55 percent) say they have followed news about website problems with the health law’s online insurance marketplaces “very” or “fairly” closely (roughly equal to the share who reported following these stories in October). The same share reports paying close attention to news stories about people being dropped from their health insurance. Attention to both of these news stories trails behind attention to reports about U.S. economic conditions.

This is all good. I like especially that many Americans are watching stories about the economy closely. If a large number of people haven’t figured out that Obamacare is hurting the economy, they will soon.

And many of them seem to have figured it out. Right now only a third of Americans have any kind of favorable view of Obamacare. But forty-nine percent of Americans have an unfavorable view. Most notably, even many democrats are losing their favorable view of Obamacare. Most importantly, while a third of Americans (34%) are insisting that the United States will be better off under the Affordable Care Act, forty-three percent believe the country will be worse off.

All of this is trending toward conservatives; the negative view of Obamacare is growing The expectation that the country will be worse off under the Affordable Care Act suggest to me that more and more Americans are realizing that the problems are not just the website or any kind of “glitches” in the rollout. The Affordable Care Act itself is a glitch.

According to the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Moffit, the news about Obamacare could easily get much worse:

While official government estimates of the numbers of persons dumped out of employment-based insurance tend to be conservative, independent projections are much higher. Former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, for example, says that as many thirty-five million Americans could be dumped out of employer coverage into the exchanges. McKinsey and Company, a Chicago-based consulting firm, has estimated that anywhere between 30 to 50 percent of all employers could drop coverage.

The Democrats in the media may be trying to put on a brave face, but those in politics are beginning to jump ship. Minnesota Democrat Senator Al Franken has even said he is open to a delay in the individual mandate.

If Republicans are stupid and want to give Democrats a lifeline they will agree with Al Franken. If they want to win and win big they should stick with Ted Cruz. With Obamacare we don’t want any more delays; we want deletion.