Afghanistan Blackout: Obama Veils “Ended” War in Secrecy

The Obama administration has imposed an Afghanistan blackout on how many tens of billions of dollars are spent.

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I have already posted about Barack Obama’s de facto policy of Afghan War Forever. We have seen him secretly authorize more fighting with U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Now he has gone a step further.

Bonnie Kristian asks at, “Why is Obama suddenly so secretive about the war in Afghanistan?

Even though information on how our tax dollars are spent in Afghanistan has been public since 2009, the White House has suddenly classified it, shrouding a very large amount of money ($50 billion+ in 2015 alone) in secrecy.

The “blackout on information will include such minor details as the number of Afghans who are serving in the army or police force, their salaries and data on infrastructure projects”—even though “the Afghans themselves don’t consider information about their troops to be secret.” Classic “most transparent administration in history,” am I right?

So now we have a secret forever war that everyone knows about?

And, with this information being secret, we now have a whole bunch of new ways that people can be sent to prison. Information that could have been revealed only a short while ago now has threats of jail time associated with it. Anyone telling the public the basic facts of what their tax dollars are being used to do can be punished by law.

One reason for this sudden change might be the desire to forbid reporting on how much corruption we have stimulated in the Afghanistan economy. As I wrote back in May 2014, we basically poured money into Afghanistan. It was something like spraying down a campfire with kerosene. The situation was already full of corruption and could only get worse with unaccountable money thrown into the mix. Bloomberg reported on the mess. Bloomberg got their information from a Joint Chiefs of Staff report. It seems likely that such reports can no longer be released if the monetary information is now classified.

Or perhaps there is some other reason. Maybe Obama is trying to make it hard to state any facts about Afghanistan that prove his claims to have “ended the war” there are absurd fictions.

I wish there was some way to estimate just how much of the government’s doings we are permitted to know about. It is almost possible to imagine a day when citizens are not supposed to know about over half of what their government does in their name. How exactly are we supposed to responsibly vote when we have no idea of half the things our candidates will be dealing with?