Afghanistan Not Ready For Self-Government; The Blunt Response: “So What?”

We haven’t spent enough billions yet in Afghanistan. We haven’t sacrificed enough of our soldiers to death and maiming and PTSD yet. We haven’t killed enough Afghanis yet.

From the Washington Times:

Confidential U.S. assessments, which the State Department tried to hide from the public, show nearly all Afghan Cabinet ministries are woefully ill-prepared to govern after the U.S. withdraws its troops, often describing the gaps in knowledge, capability and safeguards as “critical” and describing an infrastructure in danger of collapsing if left to its own accord.

The State Department USAID reports, obtained by The Washington Times, paint a sobering portrait about the impact of the billions of dollars the U.S. has spent on nation-building over the past decade.

Treated as a whole, the reports suggest that the U.S. spending has yet to create a sustainable civilian government in Afghanistan and, in some cases, has been diverted to corrupt politicians or extremists looking to destabilize the country.

USAID officials told The Times on Tuesday that the risks of corruption and waste associated with trying to develop a government in Afghanistan have long been known and that U.S. taxpayers must be patient before they see further returns on their aid investments.

This is a shame but there is nothing we can do about it. There was reason for some severe reprisals against Afghanistan on the basis of Al Qaeda’s presence there, but nation-building was doomed from the start.

Nation-building was never going to work.

And the fact that nation-building has failed doesn’t justify more doomed nation-building to fix it. It can’t be fixed. We have to cut our losses and get out and let the Afghanis deal with their own problems.

We cannot keep sacrificing our troops and pushing billions into the lost cause. It is not the fault of Americans that the U.S. government endeavored to do the impossible for far too high a price in Afghanistan. Nothing justifies continuing to burden American soldiers and taxpayers with that load.

The only possible way to positively benefit from Afghanistan is to learn the lesson to never try to invade a country and install a foreign government again. Sadly, some are working hard to make sure we don’t learn that lesson.