The African American Tea Party Convergence

The African American Tea Party cooperation has not started yet, but we really are moving toward it.


The main reason I was so unhappy with Jon Stewart making another episode of police brutality into a race issue was that he was emphasizing divisions between people and thus diverting their attention away from their common interest in ending abuse by cops. I wrote that pointing to Garner’s race as the deciding factor or the most significant detail is just a claim, not a self-evident truth. Bringing up race serves no purpose except to obscure the real issue and keep two groups with common interest and a natural affinity from uniting against their master.

The two groups who have a natural affinity and common interests are middle-  to working-class White Americans who tend to side with the Tea Party and middle- to lower-class African Americans. The people Obama likes to think of as “bitter clingers” to their guns and their Christianity have a great deal of solidarity with the people he thinks are locked into the Democrat stable. Jon Stewart’s redirection of the natural rage that American’s feel is an attempt to feed that delusion.

Even in the Ferguson case, once you get beyond the criminal element, the real rage is over grasping, harassing revenue collection. This is and should be a Tea Party opportunity.

Now there is news of another element of common interest falling into place. African Americans are becoming people who “cling to their guns” as Barack Obama likes to say of White people.

Chuck Ross writes in The Daily Caller, “Pew Poll Shows Big Pro-Gun Swing Among Black Americans.”

Out of all demographic and political groups in the Pew poll — which surveyed 1,507 adults between Dec. 3 and Dec. 7 — blacks showed the biggest shift from believing that guns increase risk to personal safety to believing that guns do more to protect people from becoming victims of crime.

Between December 2012, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, and December 2014, there was a nine-point pro-gun swing among all people polled by Pew. Women and Republicans saw and 11-point and 17-point pro-gun shifts, respectively.

But among blacks, there was a 25-point swing toward the belief that guns provide more benefits than risks. Whites’ attitudes toward guns moved in the same direction, but only increased by eight points.

In Dec. 2012, only 29 percent of blacks believed that guns “protect people from being crime victims.” Fifty-three percent believed that guns “put people’s safety at risk.”

According to the recent poll, 54 percent of blacks said they believed that guns provide protection. Forty-one percent believed that they are too risky.

This poll would be astounding news if it were only about the general population making a nine-point swing. It would prove (as it does prove) that all the Liberal push in the wake of Sandy Hook was a complete failure. The overwhelming lesson many Americans learned is that it can be deadly to be unarmed.

But this shift of opinion among African Americans is breathtaking.

Of course, not all African Americans will change their political and cultural alliances, but perhaps we will start to see as much diversity in the African American community as we do in the white community. A black businessman and a white businessman have far more in common than a black businessman and a black criminal. Why should everyone assume that African Americans represent a single interest group? Whites don’t.

I look forward to the day that will soon be here when the National Rifle Association can be the place of racial convergence.