AG Eric Holder Emulates Sergeant Schultz On IRS Corruption: “I Know Nothing!”

Since some younger readers might not get the cultural reference in the title of this post, here’s some help.

Searching YouTube for “Hogan’s Heroes” will give you more context.

Eric Holder has actually played Sergeant Schultz many times, especially when asked about the scandal of Fast and Furious. But I don’t think anything has been as ridiculous as his recent reply to Ted Cruz regarding the so-called “investigation” into the IRS scandal.

CNS News:

“General Holder, with all due respect, you did not answer the question I asked, which is did you know that this lawyer was a major Obama donor,” Cruz said.

After Holder denied knowing the “political activities” of anyone involved in the investigation, Cruz noted that the DOJ ethics guidelines instruct lawyers who believe their “impartiality might be questioned” must either “disqualify” themselves or “see an ethics officer.”

“And indeed it goes on to say, ‘In a case where your impartiality might be questioned, you may obtain a formal opinion that the department’s interest in your participation in this matter outweighs the concern that the integrity of the department’s operation would be questioned,’” Cruz added.

“Now, previously when you were asked about this, you made a reference to the fact that she has a First Amendment right to be involved in politics, and that’s surely right,” Cruz told Holder.

“No one’s talking about restraining her First Amendment right to be involved in politics,” Cruz added.

Since Holder is currently attempting to force nuns to support abortion, I think his appeal to the First Amendment is rather brazen. Beyond that, Holder’s claim to be ignorant that he appointed an Obama supporter to a major role in an investigation into the possible misuse of power in the service of Obama is amazing. It would be one thing if Holder said he didn’t know and he is removing her from the investigation now that he has been informed of her donations. But instead he makes lame excuses for her participation in the investigation. This isn’t the behavior of a man who is taken by surprise. He knew.

Yet he insists, “I know nothing!”

Ted Cruz confronted Holder with some other grim accusations.

“I will tell you as I traveled the country, I have heard from dozens of financial supporters for Governor Romney who told me that they had never been audited in their life and within a week, a month of it becoming public that they were raising money for Mitt Romney, they discovered they were being audited,” Cruz said.

While Cruz said “those are anecdotal stories,” he said, “it would be relatively simple to examine the prosecution rates of Obama donors versus Romney donors, and if there were a sharp differential – if it were the case that Romney donors were being audited at a much higher frequency – that would raise substantial basis to investigate further.”

Cruz’s claims are consistent with other accusations about the IRS.

If we win the White House in 2016, I hope whoever is president sets his face like flint and orders every possible crime of this sort investigated within the seven-year limitation.