The Air Force One Income Gap

From the Washington Examiner,

The president spent over $7.3 million on just three trips in 2013, including $2.1 million to appear on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in August, according to new flight documents provided by the Air Force to a public watchdog group.

Judicial Watch told Secrets that the sky-high jet travel costs for the first family’s 2012-2013 Christmas vacation in Hawaii, their beach vacation on Martha’s Vineyard last summer and President Obama’s brief trip to California in August totalled $7,396,531.20.

The Air Force said it costs $228,288 an hour to fly Air Force One, a massive $48,535 jump from the last estimate of $179,750, or 27 percent.

The gall!

The man who talks about the horrors of “income equality” spent more than $4.1-million of our money to fly to Hawaii and back for a vacation. More than $1-million for another vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, and over $2-million to appear on the stupid Tonight Show. And those costs are for the flights alone… not hotels… security… food… etc., etc., etc.

Getting the documents was a score for Judicial Watch, which has also sought and received Obama administration vacation spending documents from the U.S. Secret Service. Typically, flight costs are not provided. It was also the first authoritative hourly cost provided for operating Air Force One.

“The Obamas are abusing the public trust and the taxpayers with unnecessary luxurious vacations and travel,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These staggering costs show why these documents were covered up and we had to sue in federal court to get them. Another transparency fail for the Obama gang.”

I say it again: Presidents should vacation at Camp David, period. That’s what it was built for. If they want to go somewhere else, make it on their own dime, not mine!

And quit complaining about people who live high on money they earned themselves, rather than by stealing from taxpayers!