Al Gore: Global Warming May End Civilization As We Know It

As we’ve been reporting in the recent past, global warming just hasn’t progressed the way the priests of the church of climatology had hoped. No one is able to explain the blaring 15-year hiatus in warming that’s coincided with allegedly record CO2 emissions. How did that happen? I thought CO2 emissions are what has been causing the earth to warm up at the alarming rate of less than 1 degree Fahrenheit over the past century.

They can offer their speculations, but that’s about it. Maybe the oceans decided to start absorbing the heat? No one really knows, and the folks over at the UN’s IPCC who recently released a report on “climate change” didn’t know either. That’s why they conveniently left it out of their report.

But what they do know for a fact is that this climate change phenomenon is manmade. Well, they’re 95% sure. And they say their models are predicting very dire circumstances by the end of this century if the world doesn’t come together as one to “do something” about carbon emissions:

 Their worst case scenario previously put sea levels increase at just shy of 2 feet (59 centimeters) by 2100; now they put it at slightly more than 3 feet (1 meter). They cite better understanding of how much glaciers and ice sheets are melting and how water expands as it warms. Unless the world drastically cuts emissions — an event scientists called highly unlikely to happen — the panel said Earth will warm by at least 2 more degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 degrees Celsius) this century in all but one of the four scenarios they outline.

 These are what their models are predicting now, and since their models have proven to be so accurate in the past, we should trust this one as well.

The High Priest of the Church of Climatology himself, Al Gore, said that if world leaders don’t fight climate change head on, civilization as we know it will be extinguished. Here’s what he said in a Social Good Summit interview:

Interviewer:  If we don’t address [global warming], how bad could it get in as short a time as a hundred years, if we don’t fix the democratic system, if we don’t price carbon, if we don’t do things like make sure topsoil is sustainably taken care of? How bad could it get? What could New York look like in a hundred years?

Al Gore:  Well, you know, what’s at risk if we did not take action truly is the survival of civilization as we know it. And that will sound like an extreme statement to many people. It’ll sound like something that’s hyped. But literally that is the case. You know, we have seen a global warming thus far of just a little bit less than 1 degree Celsius and look at what’s happened:  super storm Sandy; Boulder, Colorado; all these fires; Hurricane Irene one year before…

As if these things that he cites have never before happened. We’ve never had storms before, or fires, or floods or hurricanes. Those are recent phenomena that have only happened since global warming began to really pick up. I’m not sure how those things play into the 15-year cooling period, though. I’m sure they’ll think of an explanation.