Al Qaeda’s Responsible For Burning America’s Forests And Homes

When Navy SEAL Team 6 raided Osama bin Laden’s compound and killed the al Qaeda leader, they retrieved a treasure of documents and plans detailing many of the terrorist group’s operations.  Among that information was the detailed plans for launching an economic warfare against America in the form of wildfires.

The al Qaeda plans laid out the idea of setting numerous wildfires in the forests, especially those near towns and farmlands.  They figured that the fires would cost the US millions of dollars to fight and that it would disrupt the economy of many local areas.

This should not have been a surprise to the US government as people like William Scott of the American Center for Democracy warned about terrorists setting forest fires ten years earlier.  In an address this month to an Economic Warfare SuperPanel – ACD/EWI, Scott divulged some details about the forest fires this year that have ravaged so many parts of the US and drove him and his family away from their home in the Colorado Springs area.

Not all of the fires you hear about and see on the news were caused by lightning.  Dozens of wildfires have been caused by arson and are still under investigation.  Scott contends that some of these arson set fires may in fact be the results of al Qaeda’s fire war on America.  Some of the fires that were ignited in California in 2012 were set by al Qaeda operatives.

Al Qaeda articles have detailed instructions of how to plant timed explosives in forests and grasslands, mainly in the western US.  They also laid out plans for the use of remote-controlled ember bombs with which to start fires.

Listen to Scott lay out his case that we are currently under al Qaeda’s economic warfare plan to destroy America’s economy and way of life by setting fires in strategic areas.

At the time Scott spoke, a week ago, he points out that there were 52 large fires burning in the US.  Just since the beginning of July, fire crews have been battling fires in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming.  He also notes that these are just the fires on federal land and not any of those on state or private lands including 6 fires, 4 of which were started in one night in wheat stubble fields in Kansas earlier this month.

Twenty-five fires set in El Paso and Tell Counties in Colorado.  All of these fires were within a few miles of each other and were all caused by arson.  The arsonist who set them is still at large.

Scott asks the question if the Waldo Canyon fire was set by terrorists and could it have been set by the person that set the other 25 fires, all of which were quickly extinguished.  Could the Waldo Canyon fire have been their lucky #26 that destroyed homes, killed several people and will cost millions of dollars in many ways.

The impacts of fighting these fires will cost billions of dollars in the long run.  There are the immediate costs of fighting the fires plus they have also the cost of hundreds of homes and businesses.  Some of these arson set fires have hit in heavy tourist areas, causing many people to abort their vacation plans.  Hotels suffered huge numbers of cancellations.  The loss of tourism has forced many businesses to lay off workers.

Until the forests have a chance to regrow, any substantial rains will cause massive flooding which will in turn cause the erosion of the fragile topsoil on hundreds of thousands of acres.  Once the topsoil is gone, many of the former plants and trees will not be able to sprout and take root.  The effects of some of these fires could be devastating for years to come.

Al Qaeda is successfully waging an economic warfare by means of fires and our government is currently doing little to prevent it.  Scott urges that the government needs to be more aggressive in monitoring our lands and swifter in reaching fires as they start.  He lays out ways this could happen, but somehow I doubt if our inept Congress will take the threat seriously, continue to chock up the fires as lightning and domestic arsonists and continue to fight fires as cheaply as possible.

If you do nothing else, at least forward this video of William Scott to your Senator and Congressman/woman and urge them to take the threat seriously and to act upon it.  If as Scott says that some of these fires are being deliberately set by al Qaeda terrorists, then it is an act of war being waged on American soil.  That means that we need to use our military resources to fight the terrorist fires and save the lives and properties of Americans, and this should come before getting involved with Syria’s civil war.  America needs to defend America on American soil first!