Al-Qaida, ISIS Kiss and Make Up

Ah, twin brothers reconciling and reuniting again. It warms the cockles of your heart.

Or it would if we weren’t really talking about two of the most barbaric, bloodthirsty groups of Islamo-fascists on the planet.

Representatives of al-Qaida and ISIS have apparently agreed to stop the feuding and fussing, and bury the hatchet.

Not literally or in each other, that is, but figuratively speaking.

It’s pretty amazing considering how little they have in common.

One, al-Qaida, is the name by which U.S. troops knew the thousands of Islamist terrorists they killed under President Bush, freeing a nation and carving out what could have become a bastion of democracy in the benighted desert of Islam.

The other, ISIS, is the name behind which many surviving Islamists re-formed a new army, funded and armed by President Obama using U.S. taxpayer dollars, while he bragged about killing Osama bin Laden and having al-Qaida on the run.

According to the Associated Press, leaders from the ISIS caliphate and the al-Qaida unit called Nusra Front met at a farmhouse in northern Syria last week and agreed to join forces against the Syrian government, which has been on Obama’s hit list for years, and against the Syrian Revolutionaries Front, one of those “moderate” rebel groups being backed by Congress.

Another U.S.-backed group, the Free Syrian Army, is supposedly in charge of the territory where the pow-wow took place, and its leaders seem to have been aware of the meeting.

Also at the meeting were representatives of al-Qaida East, or as the Administration calls them the Khorasan Group (sounds like a Silicon Valley investment firm), ISIS allies Jund al-Aqsa and scene fillers Ahrar al-Sham.

So, just to sum up, we’ve got a U.S.-funded Muslim army hosting, in their own territory, America’s enemies for a meeting at which an agreement is made to take out another U.S.-backed Muslim rebel group and the formerly U.S.-backed Kurds, all as prelude to taking out Assad, which has been on the to-do list of both Obama and ISIS for some time.

When Congress foolishly approved publicly funding “moderate” rebel groups in Syria to fight ISIS on the ground, many critics predicted that the aid would wind up in the hands of ISIS, which it has. Critics also predicted that so-called moderate groups would find common cause with ISIS against the government of Bashar al-Assad rather than using any U.S. aid to fight ISIS, which seems to be the case at the moment.

Given that Obama has been hot for years to oust Assad and install a Muslim Brotherhood government, and given Obama’s failed effort a year ago to whip up an international coalition to take out Assad directly, it was obvious from the start of chatter about funding rebels to fight ISIS that somehow Obama would turn this into funding for his war against Assad.

It seems the worm is turning in that direction.

With the continuing joke of an aerial campaign against ISIS — always just enough to look like Obama’s “doing something” but never enough to seriously damage ISIS — and no ground campaign from the U.S., things are going exactly how Obama would like them. ISIS/al-Qaida/Free Syrian Army will polish off any opposition among the rebel ranks, then finish off the Kurds and secure free supply lines from Turkey through Syria into Iraq.

One unknown is just what Turkey would do if ISIS manages to secure large sections of Syria and overthrow Assad. While it is nominally westernized and a NATO ally, Turkey remains a mostly Muslim country, home to a lot of people who fervently hope for the restoration of the Muslim caliphate.

If the ISIS caliphate succeeds in becoming the leader of the Muslim world, then Obama will have succeeded in putting the world’s Muslims on a nearly even footing with the United States.