Al Sharpton: Gosnell Is Product Of Pro-Life Movement

Liberals in the media have to condemn Gosnell. Even though what Gosnell did was really no different than what any other abortionist does on a regular, basis, they knew that they couldn’t defend him. The details of the case were too horrific for anyone to publicly defend.

So, people like Pelosi called his actions “disgusting.” And Al Sharpton said that justice had been delivered to Gosnell when the jury found him guilty of murder.

But he didn’t focus so much on the fact that Gosnell murdered postnatal babies. He said that this was more of a women’s rights issue; that Gosnell “preyed on poor women…low income women who felt they had nowhere else to go, who didn’t have access to quality healthcare.”

And he was quick to remind viewers that pro-lifers are just trying to use this one case to paint all abortionists with a broad brush:

 “Of course some of the right are trying to use this horrific case to attack all abortion rights, to claim women shouldn’t be able to make their own choices about medical procedures that are safe and legal. In fact, House Republicans have already used Gosnell to call for an investigation of clinics all over the country. But if conservatives succeed in scaling back safe, legal access to abortion, we’ll have more Kermit Gosnell’s, not less. Today, the jury reached its verdict. Now, it’s up to all of us to make sure women keep the right to control their own bodies.”

 Making abortion illegal would certainly drive that industry underground, and there might be more Gosnell types than there are now, but that doesn’t mean that abortion must be a good thing. And just because there might be more Gosnell types driven underground doesn’t mean that the vast majority of abortionists would not have gone extinct. In total, there would be far fewer pre-natal murderers masquerading as OB doctors, and therefore far more babies’ lives saved. Of course, that’s supposed to be a bad thing, because then all the promiscuous women wouldn’t have “safe, legal” access to “health care.”

Abortion is not a women’s rights issue, unless you’re concerned with all the girl babies that are being murdered. Calling prenatal murder a “woman’s right” makes as much sense as saying that Andrea Yates had a “right” to drown her five kids in the bathtub.

And Sharpton agreed, albeit superficially, that Gosnell is guilty of murder, but he balked at the suggestion that abortion clinics be investigated to make sure there aren’t others like Gosnell.

But isn’t that what liberals want to do with “gun violence?” They want to restrict everybody’s access to firearms because of the actions of a relatively small group of criminals. They want every individual purchasing a gun to be involuntarily investigated by a background check. All because there are criminals out there who have used guns to commit crimes.

So, they should be in favor of “universal investigations” into the nation’s abortion clinics. If these clinics have done nothing wrong, they have nothing to hide, right? It’s common sense, like background checks and mental health checks for gun purchasers. Liberals claim they want those things to “save lives.” And we know that Gosnell’s case was by no means isolated. So, if liberals are agreeing that Dr. Gosnell is evil, and that his actions were “disgusting,” they should be in favor of finding out who else is murdering newborn babies. That would be saving lives.

Then again, I don’t think liberals care about saving lives. They only use that excuse when it suits them. In reality, nothing makes them happier than being able to control every aspect of people’s lives.