Al Sharpton, White House Tool

Sharpton was one of several clergymen to offer themselves and their church titles as part of the White House tool kit.


The Weekly Standard ran an interesting story about who gets a place on Barack Obama’s guest list: “Al Sharpton Gets Meeting With President.”

Al Sharpton met with the president of the United States yesterday. “President Obama met with African American civil rights and faith leaders to provide an update on the Administration’s priorities as described in the State of the Union. The meeting was also an opportunity to have a dialogue with the leaders about the issues facing their communities, including criminal justice, education, health care and economic development,” the White House announced in a read-out of the meeting.

“The President highlighted the upcoming release of the report by the Task Force on 21st Century Policing, and emphasized the work of the Task Force leading to the report’s creation. The President also spoke about his efforts to work with a broad bipartisan coalition to continue to reform the criminal justice system and the significance of doing so for the country. The President noted the upcoming anniversary of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative tomorrow and the progress made by the initiative with over 150 elected officials, cities and tribes having accepted the community challenge. The President and leaders also agreed to work together to find ways to strengthen our nation’s voting laws and reduce any barriers that prevent Americans from voting. The leaders in attendance agreed to continue their outreach to their communities and to work with the Administration on its efforts to implement its initiatives.”

The article goes on to name the rest of the clergy invited to this event. Reading through the list of attendees leaves me wondering:

Did a single one of these “Reverends” or “Bishops” bring up a single word about the President’s support of murder in the womb, or his immoral advocacy for an unbiblical definition of marriage?

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Or were they too busy discussing ways to amend the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Steal” by adding the words: “Except by Majority Vote”?

Inquiring minds want to know.

By the way, unlike Al Sharpton I don’t owe multiple millions in back taxes… can I get a “closed door” meeting with the President?

Or… maybe that’s exactly the reason why Sharpton was there—“Al, here’s what you need to do next to continue selling out the People, and for me to maintain my restraint on the IRS from throwing you in jail for the rest of your life…”