Alabama Prayer Caravan Huge Success Thanks to Atheists

A couple of weeks ago, local atheists tried to get a Prayer Caravan in Cullman Alabama stopped in its tracks.  The infamous Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Billy Coleman the school district superintendent, demanding that he put a stop to the event.

NOTE: Freedom From Religion is impossible to achieve.  Religion means belief and even atheists believe there is no God, so in essence, that is their religion.  Everyone has a belief even if that belief is a belief in nothing spiritual.  Therefore, the correct name for this organization should be Freedom From YOUR Religion Foundation.

Before taking the position of superintendent, Coleman was a pastor and he did not like being told that no one was allowed to pray on school property even if it was a purely voluntary community event.  He refused to cancel and the FFRF threatened legal action.

This was the third year the Prayer Caravan was held.  The first year only had about a dozen people who met at one of the areas schools where they prayed for the students and faculty.  Then they traveled to the next school, prayed and moved on until they had prayed for all of the local schools, the students and faculty.  Last year, several dozen people showed up and again traveled from school to school, praying for students and faculty.

This year’s event had a huge turnout, thanks to the protests and demands made by the local atheists.  Some estimated the caravan crowd to reach nearly a thousand people.  Considering the total population of Cullman is just under 15,000 residents, a turnout of nearly a thousand people is quite substantial.

Going from several dozen to a thousand people gathering to voluntarily pray for students and faculty is solely attributed to the whining of a few atheists.  All the atheists wanted to do was stop the event from taking place. Instead, their actions led to a 2800% increase in participation.

I’ve seen this happen before when atheists and humanists try to stop something from happening.  I used to work for Answers in Genesis and when they tried to get the zoning changed on a piece of property on which to build their Creation Museum and headquarters, the local atheists did everything in their power to prevent it from happening.  They sent letters to local and state politicians, to newspapers and anyone else that mattered.  Many of the things they said in those letters were outright lies and twisted facts.  They spoke to the local media and the news went worldwide.  In the end, all of the publicity the atheists gave them helped raise some of the donations they needed to build the museum and it brought in a number of professionals with different skills that they wanted to make available to the ministry and others donated various building materials.  The efforts of the local atheists netted the ministry over $1 million in donations, materials and services.

Isn’t it great how God uses people like atheists and humanists to help His causes along?  It reminds me of Genesis 50:20a which states:

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good…”