America: A Land Of Opportunity… for Lazy Bums

The IRS has chosen to ignore billions of tax “refund” dollars going fraudulently to immigrants. Officials at the IRS have inexplicably encouraged auditors to overlook common red flags (multiple refunds going to the same address for instance: one residence in Atlanta received 23,994 refund checks valued at 46 million dollars) in an attempt, purportedly, to get refund checks sent out in a timely fashion. Another report finds that about half of long-term immigrants in the United States, legal and illegal, are on welfare.

Why not? Come here and have a baby. We’ll pay for him or her to be born and then give the baby citizenship (thanks to the ever-flexible 14th Amendment). We’ll pay for your school. Can’t find a job? We’ll put you on welfare. Need healthcare? No problem. Don’t want to pay taxes? That’s fine. If you want, we’ll make sure you get a refund if you go to the trouble of filing a fake return. You can even vote if you want. We don’t require an ID at the booth… that would be a hardship on minorities. So you can come and vote yourself some more of our money. What a great country we live in…

My brother-in-law is from New Zealand. He worked as a lawyer there. He came here to get schooling in a different field of study. Later, he married my widowed sister and took on her six kids, so he left school to try to find work here to support them. He’s a really awesome guy. But there was so much red tape involved in getting a work visa, he eventually had to take his new family and go back home where a job was waiting. We were bummed. We thought, “If only he had been a social parasite, a mooch, or a criminal. He would have made an awful husband and father, but he wouldn’t have had to leave the U.S.” It’s really too bad he is smart, responsible, law-abiding, and productive. They make those people jump through a bunch of hoops to stay here. America apparently doesn’t want those kind of people anymore. Because the fact is that you always get more of what you subsidize. And we’ve been subsidizing good-for-nothingness for quite some time.

You know we wouldn’t have an immigration “problem” if we just stopped giving people other people’s money. I know it’s a radical idea, but perhaps we should be striving to be a land of opportunity for the industrious rather than for the lazy. We used to be like that, and we had plenty of immigrants. But they generally weren’t here for a handout. They were here because their governments stole their labors and gave them to criminals and parasites. But we all know parasites can’t survive the death of their host, so… I’ve got some good news and some bad news…

Note: I do not believe all immigrants are lazy bums. Many of them are quite industrious. What I mean by this article is that our immigration and welfare policies encourage a preponderance of lazy bum-like immigrants and “citizens.” That is all. I am impressed you read this far. Most people would have stopped reading by now and just commented about how ignorant and racist I am. Feel free to do that now though if you want. I think you’ve earned it.