America Already Has a State Religion. It’s called ‘Government’

The Huffington Post reports “that 34 percent of adults would favor establishing Christianity as the official state religion in their own state, while 47 percent would oppose doing so. Thirty-two percent said that they would favor a constitutional amendment making Christianity the official religion of the United States, with 52 percent saying they were opposed.”

What the new poll does not say is that the United States already has a state religion: Statism. The State is god. Our coins say it: “In God We Trust.” You and I think that means God the Creator and Sustainer. It used to mean that, but not anymore.

Where do the majority of people send their children to be educated? Government schools. Who do they expect to pay for their children’s education? The government. Food stamps? The government. Birth control? Government. Abortion? Government. School loans? Government. Who backs mortgages when people default? The government.

When it comes to voting, who gets the majority of votes? The party that can supply the greatest number of benefits (stolen from American citizens).

Trust is defined by actions. The majority of Americans trust and put their faith in government. Of course, they say the government is corrupt, inefficient, wasteful, and untrustworthy, but actions speak louder than words. “In God We Trust” means, “In Government as God We Trust.”

North Carolina tried to reverse the trend by trying to establish a state religion. The First Amendment does not prohibit states from establishing a religion; it only restricts “Congress” from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. . .” The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution at the insistent of the states in order to protect them from federal encroachment. Consider this from Article XXXII of North Carolina’s 1776 Constitution:

“No person who shall deny the being of God, or the truth of the Protestant religion, or the divine authority of the Old or New Testaments, or who shall hold religious principles incompatible with the freedom and safety of the State, shall be capable of holding any office or place of trust or profit in the civil department within this State.”

This provision remained in force until 1835 when it was amended by changing the word “Protestant” to “Christian,” and as amended remained in force until the Constitution of 1868 where North Carolina is described as a “Christian State” (Art. XI, sec. 7).

States had a great deal of freedom when it came to religion. Even so, “In Government We Trust” won’t be reversed until the people decide what God they will serve. Right now the majority, by their actions, have put their trust in the State.

When John Hancock was Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in 1791 he issued “A Proclamation for a Day of Public Thanksgiving”:

“In consideration of the many undeserved Blessings conferred upon us by GOD, the Father of all Mercies; it becomes us not only in our private and usual devotion, to express our obligations to Him, as well as our dependence upon Him; but also specially to set a part a Day to be employed for this great and important Purpose. . . . And above all, not only to continue to us the enjoyment of our civil Rights and Liberties; but the great and most important Blessing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ: And together with our cordial acknowledgments, I do earnestly recommend, that we may join the penitent confession of our Sins, and implore the further continuance of the Divine Protection, and Blessings of Heaven upon this People; especially that He would be graciously pleased to direct, and prosper the Administration of the Federal Government, and of this, and the other States in the Union — to afford Him further Smiles on our Agriculture and Fisheries, Commerce and Manufactures — To prosper our University and all Seminaries of Learning — To bless the virtuously struggling for the Rights of Men—so that universal Happiness may be Allies of the United States, and to afford his Almighty Aid to all People, who are established in the World; that all may bow to the Scepter of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and the whole Earth be filled with his Glory.”

I pray for the day that the people will once again believe and act on these truths. Our nation is doomed if they don’t.