America, These Are Your Allies? Saudi Arabia Crucifixion for a Man Arrested as a Teen

While we hear of Saudi Arabia crucifixion, Saudi involvement in 9-11 is censored because our government propagandizes for them.

I don’t necessarily object to capital punishment for armed treason on principle. But crucifixion is barbaric and we support and aid the Saudi ruling dynasty all the time!

So, yes, I firmly believe this headline at the Middle East Monitor is our business: “Saudi to crucify man arrested when he was 17.”

Saudi Arabia has dismissed the final appeal of a juvenile prisoner set to be crucified. Ali Mohammed Al-Nimr was arrested aged 17 after participating in anti-government protests in 2012. He was accused of protesting illegally and being in possession of firearms.

Ali was initially held at a juvenile offenders’ facility. Reports indicate that he was tortured and signed a confession under duress. The appeal was held in secret and dismissed, with no remaining legal routes of objection to his sentence of “death by crucifixion”, initially handed down on 27 May 2014.

Maya Foa, Director of the death penalty team at legal charity Reprieve, said: “No one should have to go through the ordeal Ali has suffered – torture, forced ‘confession’, and an unfair, secret trial process, resulting in a sentence of death by ‘crucifixion’.”

“But worse still, Ali was a vulnerable child when he was arrested and this ordeal began. His execution – based apparently on the authorities’ dislike for his uncle, and his involvement in anti-government protests – would violate international law and the most basic standards of decency. It must be stopped.”

But why would Saudi Arabia stop anything when they know the world’s only superpower has got their back? We cover up and censor the facts about Saudi Arabian involvement in 9-11—which, by the way, produced a bonanza for Saudi oil and for the Saudi military industry as we doled out gifts to them to get them to help us in our military operations. While they use violent force against anyone who dares participate in Christian worship we punish African countries for imposing penalties on homosexual seduction of minors and for spreading HIV. Saudi Arabia executes homosexuals and we’ve never penalized them! But we actively arm them and aid them in funding and arming Jihadist terrorists.

Barack Obama may have been disgusting and wrong to bow to the Saudi king, but he was revealing the truth about our basic national posture to these barbarians. Cut them off! The aid! The military hardware! Everything! Remove our bases and our troops and liberate oil production in our own country.

Our relationship with these crucifiers is a stain on our national honor. One of many,  I know, but worth pointing out when this kind of news story comes out.