American Couple Abandoned as Sacrifice to Empire

In order to have a “war on terror,” we basically not only arm and support terrorists, but we bend over to stay friends with “states” that themselves practice what amounts to terrorism.

A couple of recent victims of this “terrorism” are Matthew and Grace Huang. They are in prison in Qatar for plotting to adopt a child, bring her to Qatar, and kill her, in order to sell her organs on the black market. The charges are entirely lacking in any evidence (as is shown by the fact that the prosecutor had no evidence in order to back his charges). But they have sentenced the couple anyway.

Why? Because the Qataris are (on the whole) a pack of racists who have no concept of why Asian Americans would adopt children from Africa.

As World Magazine reports,

The nightmare began on Jan. 15, 2013, when the couple’s 8-year-old daughter, Gloria, died unexpectedly at the family’s home in the Qatari capital of Doha. A year earlier, Matthew had agreed to work on engineering projects in Doha for the Colorado-based company MWH Global. The Huangs moved to the Middle East with their two sons and a daughter, each adopted from Africa.

It’s unclear why Gloria died, though she suffered from an eating disorder common to some children from impoverished countries. But Qatari police immediately suspected foul play. In an Islamic nation where adoption is rare and biracial families are scarce, the Huang family didn’t make sense. One official claimed the Huangs must have ill motives for adoption and suggested Gloria was undesirable.

Police charged the Huangs with murder and offered a bizarre motive: They said the couple had bought the children and planned to harvest and sell Gloria’s organs. Authorities sent the two sons to an orphanage, but later allowed them to return to the United States to live with Grace’s parents.

Meanwhile, Matthew and Grace spent 11 months in a Qatari prison before a judge granted bail last November. During a protracted trial, prosecutors offered no physical evidence proving Gloria suffered starvation or trauma. A slate of witnesses—some from the Huangs’ church in Doha—testified the couple were loving and caring parents.

In closing arguments, the lead prosecutor cited an Islamic prohibition on adoption: “Allah has banned it as it leads to assembling of foreigners with each other, which leads to extremely bad outcomes.”

On March 27, a judge sentenced the couple to three years in prison. (The Huangs later learned the court had reduced the charges from murder to child endangerment.) In October, the Huangs asked the court to allow them to return to the United States while the case proceeded. The judge refused and set a hearing to consider the couple’s appeal of their conviction on Nov. 30. The prosecutors want the judge to impose a harsher sentence.

Why hasn’t the United States government used all its economic and other resources to extract the Huangs from this nightmare they don’t deserve? I’ll give you a one word answer: “Empire.”

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Of course, it is a pretty weak empire that has to let small countries abuse its citizens in this way, but it is still an imperial move. The most telling sentence in the story is this one:

The U.S. State Department has issued two statements calling for Qatar to lift the couple’s travel ban. (The first statement came seven months after their arrest.) It’s a touchy area for U.S. officials concerned about maintaining Qatar as an ally. The country hosts the largest American airbase in the Middle East.

This is as disgusting and brutal behavior as anything we hear about Iran. The U.S. regime’s claims to fairness and justice are all lies to cover a will to power. The Huang’s simply don’t matter to the Obama White House (I wish I could be certain they would matter to a Republican administration). What matters is extending their power in the Middle East. Perhaps if the Huang’s were a homosexual “married” couple who work for the State Department, the Obama Administration would use real pressure. But as it stands, they are expendable.

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. The Huangs are on the menu.