American Psychological Association is Cuckoo for Gay Gay Puffs

At one time, homosexuality was considered to be a form of mental illness by the nation’s psychologists.  As more and more gays and lesbians began to come out of the closet and into the open, psychologists no longer looked at it as being a mental illness.  In fact, they no longer saw it as being wrong in any fashion.

For the past couple of decades, psychologists have been trying to convince everyone that homosexuality is perfectly normal and that we should all accept gays with open arms.  (That’ll never happen with this guy.)  In fact, psychologists are now telling everyone that the people who are opposed to homosexuality are the mentally ill and they need treatment to help them overcome their supposed fear of gays.

So it was no surprise when I came across an article that said the American Psychological Association is now being run by ultra-liberals who support and endorse the gay activist movement.  They are more concern in promoting a cause than they are to real mental health.

Dr. Nicolas Cummings, former president of the APA said that a motion to conduct research on the psychology of homosexuality was passed in 1975.  Cummings commented on what has happened with the research then and now:

“I also said that if the APA passes this resolution, it will also vote to continue research that demonstrates whatever the research demonstrates — unbiased, open research.  It was never done.”

“It left an open door for people to rush in and use it for other than scientific purposes, for political purposes.”

What started out to be a research program to determine the unbiased truth on homosexuality ended up becoming an extremely biased program to push the gay agenda and brainwash the public with lies and unscientific propaganda.  A once scientific organization had become nothing more than a political activist group.

In the interview with Dr. Cummings, he was asked about the reparative therapy that is being used to help some homosexuals leave the gay lifestyle.  He replied:

“It’s a difficult therapy, and it’s not huge in terms of numbers, but yes we have seen success.”

If you ask most of the members of the APA, they will tell you that reparative therapy for homosexuals never works and that it does more harm than good.  In fact, many of them won’t even discuss or debate the merits of reparative therapy because of their agenda.  APA members assisted the gay activists in California that managed to get SB 1172 passed restricting the use of reparative therapy on homosexuals or the use of pro-heterosexual counseling.

Abandoning all vestiges of scientific truth, the APA truly has gone cuckoo for gay gay puffs and no longer is deserving of any respect as a scientific or medical association.