Americans Hate Obamacare But Love Affordable Care Act

There are more and more videos coming out that show just how ill-informed or stupid the American people have become.  I’ve seen video interviews with people who want to grant President Obama immunity from all crimes he’s committed while in office, past, present and future to approving of 4th trimester abortions.  During the elections a year ago, people interviewed believed that Paul Ryan was black and running as Obama’s VP candidate and others had no idea who was who or what they stood for, but they did know that they supported Obama.

In another demonstration of the lack of intelligence of a number of Americans, comedian Jimmy Kimmel had a camera crew out on Hollywood Blvd. asking people which they supported, Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.  Yes, you read that correctly.

One lady said she preferred the Affordable Care Act because Obamacare had too many holes in that needed to be fixed.  One guy said he liked the Affordable Care Act but he was sympathetic for people without proper medical insurance.  Another supported the Affordable Care Act and said that it’s more affordable than Obamacare and the name says it all.

A very educated man supported the Affordable Care Act saying it’s nice that everyone can afford it and everyone should be able to afford it.  Then he spoke against Obamacare, saying he didn’t think it was right to force people to buy it and that it’s un-American to do so.  The Affordable Care Act is more American because it allows people to make the choices they want.

One woman said she favors the Affordable Care Act because she just doesn’t agree with the whole policy of Obamacare.  She also said that she believes that an informed citizenry is essential to a democracy.  Yet another lady preferred the Affordable Care Act over Obamacare because she doesn’t like anything that has to be forced. She also said that she believed that Obamacare would lead to gun prohibition.

When asked if Obamacare was socialist, one man, who supported the Affordable Care Act, said yes, Obamacare was socialist but the Affordable Care Act is not socialist.

Only one person said they preferred Obamacare and it was a black man who at first was stuck to explain why.  He finally stammered that the Affordable Care Act isn’t available for all.  I had the distinct impression that he preferred Obamacare because of the name and was hard pressed to explain why.

In the end, one woman was told that they were the same thing and at first she denies it but then said that the interviewer made her look stupid.  Actually, it wasn’t the interviewer that made her look stupid, she did it herself and so did all the others.

I honestly believe that the American people are being dumbed down by our public education system and by the media.  When I was younger and before the days of the internet, more Americans were better informed on what was going on.  They read the daily newspaper, watch the news on TV and listened to news on the radio.

Today there are too many distractions.  People don’t have time to watch the news or read their newspaper.  Many people no longer subscribe to a newspaper.  Their car radios are tuned to music or they have their headphones on.  When they get home, there are too many other distractions to allow them to sit and watch the news.  If they do watch the news they still won’t learn the truth due to the news being so biased these days.  And in some instances people just don’t care.

The end result is a country full of uninformed people voting and electing politicians based upon what they don’t know, don’t understand and don’t care to take the time to learn.  That’s why we have Obama in the White House, Harry Reid as top dog in the Senate and Pelosi cackling nonsense in the House.  Sadly, I only see the American people becoming less informed and making dumb choices in the future when it comes to election time.