Americans Know Ukraine Is Not The Responsibility of The U.S. Government

Rebekah Maxwell blogged for Steave Deace’s radio show website:

McCain on Ukraine: The prospect of a WWIII brewing in Europe isn’t good news for most people…but it was a great opportunity for John McCain to feign relevance on TV again. Rehashing a moment from his 2008 presidential race, McCain told TIME Magazine “we are all Ukrainians” now.

In 2008, we were all Georgians, in 2013 we were all Syrians, now we’re all Ukrainians; it would seem McCain read George Washington’s words admonition to “avoid foreign entanglements” as “adopt foreign entanglements.”  How about we let the Senator from Arizona go be a Ukrainian/ Syrian/ Venezuelan/ whoever, and we’ll be Americans here? That way, everybody wins.

Maxwell is not alone. Most Americans disagree with McCain. They think they are Americans, not Ukrainians. And they believe the government of the United States should act like an American government too.


The latest research from YouGov shows that the American public has little appetite for any involvement in Ukraine. Asked whether the international community as a whole has a responsibility to get involved in resolving the situation in Ukraine, less than a third of Americans (30%) think that what is going on in Ukraine is the world’s business. 28% say that the world doesn’t have a responsibility to get involved, while 42% just aren’t sure. 

Support for any US intervention to defend Ukraine against a Russian invasion is even lower. Only 18% say that the US has any responsibility to protect Ukraine, while 46% say that the US does not. Support for helping to protect Ukraine is higher among Republicans (26%) than among Democrats (13%) but just under half of both groups say that the US has no responsibility to defend Ukraine. 

This means the majority of Americans are rejecting the pressure of both the media and the government to feel obligated to “do something” about a foreign conflict. Despite ideological differences, there are a substantial group on both sides who think the US has no call to get involved.