Americans Respond to Terrorist Shooting by Buying More Guns

I suspect the latest gun-buying surge is not caused only by the terrorist shooting but also by the rhetoric of gun control.

According to Reuters, “Americans stock up on weapons after California shooting.”

At a gun range in Atlanta on Sunday, four days after the deadliest Islamic State-inspired attack on American soil, Brandon Langley practiced firing his AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle.

“If people were armed, it would have changed the outcome totally,” Langley said of Wednesday’s assault by a heavily armed husband and wife that killed 14 people and wounded 21 in San Bernardino, California. “Instead of 14 victims, there would have been zero, except for those two (attackers).”

Many Americans agree and are stocking up on weapons after the country’s worst mass shooting in three years. Gun retailers are reporting surging sales, with customers saying they want to keep handguns and rifles at hand for self-defense in the event of another attack.

“Everyone is reporting up, every store, every salesman, every distributor,” said Ray Peters, manager of Range, Guns & Safes, a company that sells firearms and safes in Atlanta with an indoor firing range. “People are more aware of the need to protect themselves.”

Peters usually carries a pistol with him. But since last week’s shooting, he says he’s added a Ruger semiautomatic rifle.

In a country where more people own more guns than anywhere else in the world, the shooting has reignited a long-running national debate over Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms and whether gun ownership should be curbed or expanded as a way to stop even more bloodshed.

So in response to gun violence people buy guns or they buy more guns.

Whatever effect the mass shooting is having on gun purchases, I suspect that the effect is enhanced by rhetoric of Barack Obama and others calling for gun prohibition.

Obama is the gift that keeps on giving to gun makers and merchants. Back in early 2013 he sent shoppers to stock up at gun stores and gun shows. All the propaganda against guns after Sandy Hook completely backfired. The President has even admitted he is completely frustrated about the issue.

And with this recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the trend continues. The American people are voting with their wallets and purses for the Second Amendment.