Americans Robbed of over Ten Percent of Their Wealth Since the Recession

Over and above taxes and other scams, how were Americans robbed? By the Federal Reserve through inflation.

Let me preface this by saying I have never been a Glenn Beck fan. I only saw this because of a link on a news aggregator.

You would never hear this kind of frank and truthful discussion from any of the major corporate media. Peter Thiel—co-founder of PayPal, among his other credentials—lays bare the immorality of the current banking and power structure in a way I have rarely heard.

Remember the shock when the banks of Cyprus were shut down one day in March 2013, and simply robbed their account holders? As Thiel brilliantly states, the Federal Reserve—assisted by Congress—has done worse than that to every single American over the past six years. They have stolen from every one of us, “legally.”

Thiel could have gone on to point out that these same policies are what has exponentially exacerbated the problem of “income inequality” in America, because the banks and major corporations are much better at playing the game of dishonest money than the average citizen.

printing money 2

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A Central Bank run economy is an economy that exists for the unfair benefit of the elite in finance, business, and politics. The Federal Reserve needs to die.