America’s Melting Pot Becomes America’s Pressure Cooker

The United States has borders that are nearly undefended. America is the only nation on the planet where this is so.

George W. Bush’s soft spot for Mexican illegals did tremendous damage to what remained of America’s immigration law. It’s much worse now. RINOs and some “Conservatives,” like Senator Marco Rubio, are more than eager to compound the blunder, despite evidence provided by history and the outrage of their constituents.

Senator Rubio, especially, seems to have slipped a cog; his people recently referred to illegal aliens as “the new slaves.” President Obama, the sycophantic press, and clueless politicians insist that, with new legislation, illegal aliens will be painstakingly scrutinized. How? Resources are already woefully inadequate. How are new laws going to mend an alien invasion when laws already on the books aren’t being enforced? Illegals haven’t been properly vetted since the multitudes of “immigration reforms” were first initiated.

Politicians, the mainstream media, and PC advocates demand that illegals be given the same “rights” as legal residents. The Federal government ignores criminal activity carried out by illegals. The Federal government sues states that want to implement Federal laws already on the books in an attempt to protect their citizens. The INS is forcibly prevented from carrying out their jobs. Immigration agents are arrested for doing their jobs.

They have been reduced to filing suit against the president because of this. There are border states that carry danger signs preventing lawful residents from wandering there because of Mexican cartels. The Federal government released criminal illegals from prisons before any breath of a “sequester” was a reality. Checking for legal residency or voting qualifications have become illegal acts. Drivers’ licenses are granted to those illegally in the country. Social services are not only granted to those illegally here but are advertised as being available in America . . . in Mexico.

Schools consider the American flag “inflammatory.” Immigration was fast-tracked immediately before Obama’s second election.  The Washington Times disclosed earlier this week that “The administration has approved 99.5 percent of applications of those who have applied for legal status under President Obama’s nondeportation policy for young adults, granting legal status to more than 250,000 formerly illegal immigrants.”And these are only a few of the issues confronting Americans today, forced upon them by the current regime.
Such measures spit in the face of the millions that legally immigrated the U.S., sometime spending decades and thousands of dollars to become American citizens.

Many aliens not only insist that their culture is all that counts, they never learn our language. They’re never motivated to become citizens. The fear of deportation has become a fading threat. The regime imports foreign labor and increases American joblessness. Telephone messages instruct us to “press one for Spanish.” Supermarket service desks display signs in Spanish declaring they’ll be happy to wire money home. Such measures are designed to increase an underclass, a permanent, Democrat voting base

Assimilation is no longer the objective. American values are no longer stressed; not by our politicians, the mainstream media, the entertainment industry or our schools.  Immigration has devolved from a coveted, fearless desire for independence to a criminal, political act. Politicians and PC stooges enable those that have no intention of making the America their true home. Those hostile to America are given priority.

Revisions to immigration have not only changed the complexion and character of America but amnesties have shifted the focus from legal to illegal immigration.

America’s melting pot has become America’s pressure cooker.