Ammunition Hottest Selling Item at California Gun Show

The liberal progressives in the federal government are doing everything in their power to disarm the American people and to prevent them from buying ammunition. Some states are also following the example of our socialist leaders by trying to pass state laws that ban certain weapons, restrict the purchase of ammunition, require universal gun registration and background checks and restrict private sales or transfer of firearms.

Millions of Americans are deeply concerned by the outright unconstitutionality of these actions. In the past year and a half firearms sales have hit record numbers with hundreds of thousands of American citizens arming themselves in preparation of the coming Second Revolutionary War.

California is one of those states that is run by the Democratic Socialists that support President Barack Obama’s anti-gun, anti-Constitution, and anti-American agenda. That can be seen in the leadership they sent to Washington such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein. It was Feinstein who introduced sweeping anti-gun laws into the U.S. Senate.

As liberal as California is, there are still thousands of residents of the state that still value their Second Amendment rights to own and bear arms and purchase ammunition. That was evident at this last weekend’s Crossroads of the West gun show held at Cal Expo in Sacramento.

With ammunition supplies dwindling in many gun stores throughout the state, thousands of people began to line up early outside the gun show, many for the sole purpose of buying ammunition. One attendee said that he had arrived at 5:45 AM and was still 64th in line. It took him 3 ½ hours to be able to get into the show and purchase his ammunition.

Galen Miller, who attended the gun show, told a local news reporter:

“I was planning on buying some ammunition around here but the line actually wrapped around the building. When they talk about all the stuff going on and the bans, I think to myself, I need to get some ammo now before it’s gone.”

Tyler, another attendee who was interviewed outside the gun show said:

“They’re just trying to ban it because of mass shootings, but there’s mass stabbings they’re not banning knives you know kind of the same thing.”

Bob Templeton, owner of the gun show, also confirmed that many attendees were there to purchase ammunition, saying:

“What many people are coming for is ammo because there isn’t any available in the traditional channels.”


It seems that Crossroads of the West gun shows are going to provide thousands more Californians with the opportunity to purchase firearms and ammunition. When I checked their website I found 21 more gun show dates in various cities throughout California. There are also 22 gun shows scheduled for the rest of the year in Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Hopefully law-abiding citizens concerned about America and our constitutional rights will still be allowed to purchase firearms and ammunition at these upcoming shows.

The more firearms and ammunition in the hands of patriotic Americans will make it all that much harder for Obama and his fellow socialists to take the country over peaceably. When the time comes I pray that millions of Americans will take up their arms and fight against the tyranny of a socialist empire that is bound to destroy us all. A lot of blood will be spilled on America’s streets and in our homes and we can only pray that in the end that tyranny will be defeated in we can once again restore America to her former self.