An Immigration Bill That Borders on the Criminal

I had a goal this past weekend. It was rather ambitious but one I thought I could tackle. It was to read the Immigration Bill. But after finding a copy online, I quickly discovered if I wanted to not have my eyes bleed or head explode, I’d better develop a new tact.

I also concluded that due to the bills length — 1274 pages — there isn’t a government official, elected or otherwise that knows what is in this monstrosity.

As a matter of fact, a member of Congress, Rep. John Carter (R-TX) admitted just that last Friday. He said: “There are things in the bill that I don’t know what they mean because I’m not an immigration lawyer.”

As a matter of principle, all these politicians should be thrown out on their derrières for not reading these bills or understanding them, yet still voting for them. The sad truth is that most of them simply don’t care.

So back online I went and found a summary of the bill. The summary was 72 pages, 4803 sections!

I knew early on I would not get through the whole document. Frankly I wanted to prove to myself and others that the bill wasn’t as bad as I had heard.

I was wrong. It’s worse, and I only made it to section 2551 out of 4803.

Here are some of the gems I found. Some you may have already heard, some not. Due to the language, I will paraphrase. My comments will be italicized.

Section 3: No one will be granted RPI (Registered Provisional Immigrant) status until Secretary Janet Napolitano submits a border security plan to Congress.

So nothing has to be done — just a plan submitted. Rubio already admitted that.

Section 4: If after five years high risk border sectors haven’t been controlled, a “Southern Border Security Commission” will be established.

After five years? Oh, and the commissioners are appointed by Obama (or the next president), Reid, and Boehner. Terrific! I feel safer.

Section 1105: The secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture must conduct an environmental impact study of security activities.

That way they can provide cover for Big Sis to shut down border security due to environmental concerns.

Section 1107: DHS will provide [satellite phones] to those in high-risk rural areas without cell service.

For what? Who will they call? Some law enforcement entity that couldn’t get to them in time to do anything? And if they tried to defend themselves they would probably be charged with a hate crime.

Section 2101: an alien granted RPI status may be issued a Social Security card.

Is it just me, but aren’t Social Security cards reserved for American citizens only? This section states that they receive the card so they can enlist in the armed services. It does not specify any other purpose. Use your imagination; they will.

While reading this summary, I noticed throughout the bill, the “Secretary” has a lot of discretion to do things or not, to change things or not, and to waive requirements as she sees fit.

Section 2104: If an alien’s RPI application is denied (not that it ever would be) he or she can appeal the decision in US District Court or an appellate court.

That won’t clog up an already overburdened court system much. And who will pay for the appeals?

Section 2106 you have probably heard. DHS doles out millions of dollars to liberal nonprofits like La Raza to teach aliens English, the Constitution and American history (and register them as Democrats). What you may not have heard is the same program is repeated in section 2535 under a different program name.

The newly named “Office of Citizenship and New Americans” heads it up.

Section 2232 allows the feds to tell the agricultural industry how much they must pay their workers and the USDA Secretary is charged with forcing annual pay raises between 1.5 and 2.5% per year — regardless of the economy.

At this point I started running out of gas, but I couldn’t resist this one last gem.

Section 2551: Waiver of English requirement for senior “new Americans.” If you’re over 60 and have lived in the US for 10 years or more — you don’t have to learn English.

Ten years and they can’t speak our language? That’s an immigrant that will really help our economy. I also noticed about halfway in, the word “alien” disappeared and was replaced with “new Americans.”

Well that’s about as much as I could stand. Just know that these examples were just a fraction of what is wrong with this bill. This Bill from front to back is a disaster, chock-full of benefits and no enforcement. Don’t be fooled by any of the rhetoric!