An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Dear Mr. Romney,

Your pick of Paul Ryan has energized the conservative base. The fact that you raised nearly $4 million over the weekend is evidence that conservatives are willing to get behind you. A lot of us have taken heat from fellow conservatives and libertarians because we are encouraging people to vote for you in November. I would like them to tell me in 2014, when you’ve served two years, that they were wrong in opposing you.

A lot of us are skeptical of your conservative bona fides. Your past voting record has not given a lot of conservatives hope that you are the man to (1) beat Obama in November and (2) if you do win that you will follow through when you take the oath before God to uphold the Constitution.

Many conservatives have given up on the Republican Party. Who can blame them? The song from The Who comes to mind: “We won’t be fooled again.”

I’m sure you realize that you were not the first choice of many who voted in the primaries. With the support you are now getting, you better come through. Words, rhetoric, and promises are not enough.

Your poll numbers are up. More conservative and independent voters are getting on board. I was glad to see that you’ve come out against homosexual marriage. Will you stick with this view or will you also “evolve”?

Will government shrink on your watch? How often will you use the veto pen? Take a lesson from Gov. Scott Walker. He stood up against his political opposition, won the day, took the heat, faced a recall election and won. He has not given in. He’s earning the respect of the state.

He was resolute. He did not waver in his convictions as he spoke to us.

His steadfastness is paying off. It was painful for him, his family, and the Republican Party, but he knew that his decision would save the state. He was attacked on all sides, and he still didn’t bend.

Meet with Ron Paul. He has an energized group of loyal supporters. Don’t just use him for his support. Most of his ideas are on the money. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the economy. There are hard choices here, but you and the nation will be rewarded if you make them. Again, Scott Walker is your example.

War is hell. We need to stay out of the world’s business. Visit the Vietnam Memorial. 50,000 young men and women killed in a war that we had no business being involved in should make any president think hard about committing American lives to a war.

Mr. Romney, a lot of people are counting on you. Millions of reluctant voters are going to give you a chance. Don’t disappoint them. Earn it. The future of America is at stake.

If you ever need any advice on how to run your campaign and how to argue your case, please feel free to call on me.

Gary DeMar