Another Arbitrary Obamacare Change to Avoid “New Anger”

The Obama Administration wants to make yet another Obamacare change to exempt people from the penalties in the law.

Obamacare chains

How many times are they going to change this law in order to keep people from being upset at the law as it is actually written? As we have mentioned on this blog, millions of people are going to face penalties for not purchasing overpriced, junky, government-mandated insurance. So, once again, the White House is considering making a temporary change in the law to prevent people from experiencing the full force of what the Democrats have done to our health care. The New York Times reports, “

Obama administration officials and other supporters of the Affordable Care Act say they worry that the tax-filing season will generate new anger as uninsured consumers learn that they must pay tax penalties and as many people struggle with complex forms needed to justify tax credits they received in 2014 to pay for health insurance.

The White House has already granted some exemptions and is considering more to avoid a political firestorm.

Mark J. Mazur, the assistant Treasury secretary for tax policy, said up to six million taxpayers would have to “pay a fee this year because they made a choice not to obtain health care coverage that they could have afforded.”

But Christine Speidel, a tax lawyer at Vermont Legal Aid, said: “A lot of people do not feel that health insurance plans in the marketplace were affordable to them, even with subsidies. Some went without coverage and will therefore be subject to penalties.”

The story lists several other problems, including anger when people find out they were over-subsidized and now owe the government more money. Furthermore, the Administration must be concerned that too few people are signing up in 2014:

Obama administration officials said they were considering a “special enrollment period” that would give some people extra time to obtain insurance. But they said consumers could not count on an extension of the Feb. 15 deadline and should not delay signing up.

Obviously, they would not be considering another deadline if everyone was responding to the law in the way they wanted. In fact, all of these predictions about how angry everyone is going to be with the Affordable Care Act are coming from defenders of the law, not critics.

This is the time for Congress to push for abolition. This law needs to be cut apart and thrown into the ocean.

Tell me Obamacare defenders: What kind of geniuses wrote a law that you have to constantly change to avoid a rebellion?