Another Black Man Leaves The Democratic Party To Join the GOP

This is completely against the rules. If you’re black, you’d better vote Democrat, and if you’re a black politician, you’d better be a Democrat. In fact, you’re not a real person of color unless you swear your allegiance to the Democratic party. Not playing by that rule makes you some kind of racist. Probably the only kind of black racist that black and white liberals believe in.

Late last week, Louisiana Democrat and State Senator Elbert Guillory announced that he was leaving the dark side (is that racist?) and joining the Republicans (the bright side?):

 “Today the party of disappointment has moved away from the majority of Louisiana. They have moved away from traditional values of most Americans. They have left us behind on crucial issues like abortion, vouchers, Second Amendment rights, union control of public jobs, school prayer, family issues. Their support of dependency over self-reliance, of everything but traditional marriage, of abortion on demand, their policies have encouraged the high teen birth rates, high school dropout rates, high incarceration rates and very high unemployment rates. Our self-initiative and self-reliance are sacrificed in exchange for votes for the party of disappointment. The list of disappointments is long – the lies and cover-up at Benghazi, the IRS harassing the tea party and wiretapping and spying on reporters.”

He’s become the first black Louisiana Republican legislator since Reconstruction. Predictably, the Democrats there in Louisiana are outraged at Guillory’s “craven display of political opportunism,” as the executive director of the Louisiana State Democratic Party said. He’s supposed to be loyal to the socialistic goals of the Democratic Party. That’s what people elected him to do, so he should do it.

But what if he doesn’t believe in those things anymore? Should he just slavishly follow the orders of his Democratic masters just because that’s what his voters expect out of him? What about the rule of law and the Constitution? Many of the aims of the Democratic Party are inconsistent with the Constitution, the document all politicians swore an oath to uphold and defend. What’s more important, acting on the whims and fancies of your electorate, or enacting laws that are consistent with the Constitution (and more importantly, repealing bad laws)?

I hope Mr. Guillory is able to be more useful in the GOP to these ends than he was in the Democratic Party. Besides, the GOP could use a lot more color and variety than it has now.