Another British Entertainer Gets Busted For Pedophilia

While the vile accusations about Hollywood have yet to be really investigated, the British authorities seem to be doing something about pedophiles in the BBC, if only decades late. The Guardian reports:

Paul Gambaccini, the veteran BBC TV and radio presenter, has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences under Operation Yewtree.

Gambaccini, whose broadcasting career spans 40 years at the BBC, was held on Tuesday as part of the inquiry into alleged sexual offences by Jimmy Savile and others…

He was arrested under the “others” strand of the investigation, meaning the allegations are not directly linked to Savile. He was held at an address in south London before being taken into police custody.

Shortly after 6pm on Tuesday Scotland Yard announced that the 64-year-old had been bailed to a date in early January “pending further enquiries”…

Operation Yewtree detectives arrested a second man, 74, in south London on suspicion of sexual offences on Tuesday, but his identity has not been confirmed.

New York-born Gambaccini, who has adopted the nickname “Professor of Pop” because of his breadth of knowledge of the genre, began his four-decade BBC career at Radio 1 in October 1973. He is the only person to have been a regular presenter on Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4, and he was also a founding presenter on Classic FM and had stints on breakfast television shows TV-am and GMTV…

Four individuals have been charged under Operation Yewtree, including the Australian entertainer Rolf Harris, celebrity publicist Max Clifford, DJ Dave Lee Travis and David Smith, a former BBC driver. Smith was found dead at his home in Lewisham, south-east London, on Monday on the eve of his trial over allegedly abusing a 12-year-old boy in 1984.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said on Thursday that it had received a full file of evidence from police in relation to Freddie Starr, the comedian arrested last November on suspicion of sexual offences. Starr was arrested for a second time in April after police received further allegations of sexual offences.

The CPS is also considering whether to bring charges against Gary Glitter after receiving a full file of evidence against him earlier this month…

I did a quick look on Wikipedia and didn’t see any incredible connection to British Royalty. This means he isn’t exactly on the same level as Jimmy Savile, the horrific child abuser who was so close to Prince Charles and Lady Di that he was called upon as a marriage expert to save their relationship in the late 80s. Why a man who was known, at least, to be a bachelor was entrusted with such a task is a mystery that has not yet been revealed.

But also unlike Savile, Gambaccini “came out” as a homosexual in the eighties. Since the APA is now claiming that their labeling pedophilia as a “sexual orientation” was a mistake, I guess he won’t be able to use that argument as his defense.

But one has to wonder how much child abuse has been overlooked in order to avoid appearing “homophobic.”