Another Carnival Dream Cruise Turns into Nightmare

Just a month ago we all heard of the horror stories from the carnival cruise line ship the Triumph. The ship had a fire in the engine compartment that disabled engines along with much of the electrical and plumbing. Passengers were having to use plastic bags for the bathroom and then setting out the door of their cabins the ship’s crew to pick up. Most of the passengers aboard the Triumph described their dream Caribbean cruise is a nightmare. Carnival Corp has already been served with a class action suit:

“For stranding more than 3,000 passengers for five days on a ship without electricity or adequate sanitation.”

Remember the old saying that history tends to repeat itself? It seems that for Carnival Cruise Lines history is repeating itself only a month after the fateful voyage of the Triumph.

Reports are coming out of the port of Philipsburg on the island of St. Maarten from passengers on board the Carnival cruise ship Dream. We are not sure yet how many passengers are on board the Dream, but we do know that it has a capacity for 3,646 passengers and 1,367 crew members. It left Port Canaveral, Florida on Saturday and passengers report that the problems began late Wednesday.

The US Coast Guard in Miami said on Thursday the captain of the Dream:

“Notified the agency of possible trouble with the ship’s propulsion system.”

Passengers have been complaining of multiple power outages, limited communications and overflowing toilets.

Gregg Stark, one of the passengers on board the Dream, reported:

“There’s human waste all over the floor in some of the bathrooms. The elevators have not been working. They’ve been turning them on and off, on and off.”

Perhaps Carnival Cruise Lines need to takes some lessons from used car dealerships and make all of their cruises ‘As Is.’  The brochures should read that they generally provide clean cabins, running water (sometimes running sewage), elevators for the physically disabled (when operating) and that the ship makes planned and unplanned stops are various locations including out as sea.  They could also change the names of their ships from Triumph to Loser, Dream to Nightmare, Sunshine to Twilight, Breeze to Hurricane, Conquest to Defeated, Ecstasy to Agony, Elation to Weeping, Paradise to Purgatory and Pride to Embarrassment.   Better yet, they should bill their cruises as the gamble of a lifetime!

One thing is for sure, you won’t find me on any of their cruise ships for a long, long time.