Another “De Blasio” Type Attempt Gets Defeated: Why Do Cities Hate Helping Pregnant Women?

When Bill de Blasio claimed that he wanted all pro-lifers out of New York State (agreeing with Andrew Cuomo, except at least Cuomo tried to backpedal) he was showing both his attitude and his own confidence in his ability to make it happen. With what seems to be this “new generation” or Obama-era liberals, the point is no longer to make abortion legal—it is to actively promote abortion by crippling any social force that would try to discourage abortion. In other words, one part of the campaign now is to prevent anyone from helping pregnant mothers.

De Blasio has announced his intention to do this in a city where the ration of abortions to live births is two to three. He will “craft new regulations” designed to drive crisis pregnancy centers out of business because they are not “legitimate.” It would be interesting to learn what de Blasio’s standard of success will be. Does he want a one-to-one matchup between dead babies and live births? Or does he think the ratio should be inverted—three abortions to every two live births? It would be nice if he could tell us what level of carnage will satiate his bloodlust.

But this is not some barbarism restricted to the corruption nest that is New York City. Elgin, Illinois has attempted the same thing. The good news is that the city eugenics lords have, so far, been beaten back.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys together with lead attorneys with the Chicago firm Mauck & Baker, LLC, represent Life Center, which operates the mobile facility under the name of TLC Pregnancy Services.

“Pregnant women are better served when they are fully informed,” said Mauck & Baker attorney Noel W. Sterett, one of nearly 2,300 allied attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom. “The court’s opinion last year, which expressly recognizes a woman’s right to choose life and be fully informed about her pregnancy, is a rational ruling that we hope everyone can support regardless of their opinion on abortion. TLC’s free services help both the city and its citizens.”

In August, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, issued a permanent injunction in Life Center v. City of Elgin against the city’s restrictions. The order allowed TLC to continue operating its mobile pregnancy service center at its usual positions at the Evangelical Covenant Church of Elgin and JB’s Pub & Bar, both in close proximity to Elgin Larkin High School.


In its August opinion, the district court wrote, “The City’s Code is unduly burdensome to the right of a woman to choose life.” After the city appealed the court’s decision, the parties worked together to resolve the matter without further litigation.

While I am enraged that the city moved against the crisis pregnancy center, I do want to point out that the powers that be eventually got rational and negotiated a settlement that left the pregnancy center intact.

But nothing about De Blasio’s statements about extending the reach of abortion by cutting off the power of concerned neighbors to help out mothers make me think he is prone to such civility.

It is thrilling, though, that a court specifically stated that women have a right to “choose life.” That terminology must burn the eyes of pro-abort readers.