Another Defeat of the First Amendment in Court

A baker lost his case that he had a First Amendment right not to support a same-sex “marriage.”

We have judges in this country who are completely committed to emptying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We get to see another instance of this in the ruling, yesterday, against Jack C. Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver. A three-judge panel claimed that he was guilty of discrimination for refusing to make a wedding cake for two men.

What makes this ruling extra insane is that Phillips did serve homosexual customers just like he served heterosexual customers. He never discriminated against anyone. He just didn’t want to be part of a mockery of marriage. Furthermore, at the time of the “human rights violation” there was no same sex “marriage” recognized in Colorado.

According to Life Site News, Phillips is a true Christian hero:

Since being ordered to use his artistic talents for same-sex “weddings”, Phillips has stopped making all wedding cakes, a decision that he says has cost him 40 percent of his business revenue.

He has also made it clear that he is willing to go to jail, or be forced to shut down his business, rather than go against his beliefs.

That takes real commitment. Pray for Phillips that he stands firm in the faith and look for ways to support him and the many others who will soon be joining him.

Ironically, there are homosexual couples who have a better understanding of the First Amendment than those judges. Furthermore, businesses whose owners don’t believe in same sex marriage have gotten in trouble for providing equal service to homosexual couples.

Meanwhile, Liberals have no problem getting a person fired for a political position he held years earlier. If you disagree with “the gay community,” there is no judge or authority who will protect you from discrimination. You’re fair game.