Another Family Saved Because of the Second Amendment

A man being quick to use his gun meant another family saved.

Gun control freaks act as if it were absolutely certain that, if they banned the private ownership of firearms, there would be no more armed criminals. It is a version of Obama’s lie. “If you like your safety, you will get to keep your safety.”

A complicit news media never ever points out that virtually all victimizations at the hands of criminals, whether armed or not, could have been stopped or at least helped if the victim had been armed. The damage done to unarmed victims is treated as tragic but unavoidable. There are no lessons to draw from such events. In fact, in cases of rape, recommending concealed carry is treated as an attack on women!

But the Houston Chronicle has reported on a story that shows how things are supposed to be: “NE Harris home invasion sparks shootout.”

A man grabbed his gun and opened fire on suspects during a shootout early Tuesday morning when they kicked in the door at his home in northeast Harris County.

The attempted home invasion happened about 4:10 a.m. in the 14100 block of Merry Meadow near Woodbend, said Sgt. J. McCaffrey of the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 3.

McCaffrey said a family was asleep when two men kicked in the front door and started shooting. A resident on the couch woke up, grabbed his handgun and fired back. In all, he fired about 10 shots toward the intruders.

The suspects backed away, climbed into a getaway car driven by a third suspect. The resident ran after them and the shootout continued as the suspects sped off. 

No injuries were reported.

Thanks to the Daily Caller for linking the story. The DC says that the man was the dad of the kids, but I don’t see that in the Houston Chronicle story. The bottom line though is that a man had a resource that allowed him to defend a woman and children.

If that seems too partriarchical to you, rest assured that she could have done it as well if she had been armed.

Guns are the great equalizer.