Another Former Obama Administration Official with a Private Email Account

Rahm Emanuel is now accused of using a private email account to deal with official business as mayor of Chicago.

Using a private email account to conduct official business in government isn’t unique to Hillary Clinton, it seems. Rahm Emanuel is now being sued by the Chicago Tribune for doing the same thing as mayor of Chicago.

According to the Associated Press, “Chicago Tribune files lawsuit over Mayor Emanuel’s use of personal email for city business.”

The Chicago Tribune is suing Mayor Rahm Emanuel over claims he violated open records laws by failing to disclose personal emails and texts used to conduct city business.

Thursday’s lawsuit seeks to force the former White House aide to produce documents.

The lawsuit argues the newspaper’s Freedom of Information Act requests to Emanuel’s administration are “met with a pattern” of partial and non-compliance and delay.

Editor Gerould Kern says in a statement that the newspaper seeks records on matters of great public interest.

An Emanuel spokeswoman says she hasn’t reviewed the complaint, but the administration complies with information requests.

This is pretty interesting. The complaint, in this case, comes from the mainstream media, not some conservative group.

And “the pattern” sounds extremely familiar. As Mark Horne wrote about the private email accounts used by Clinton and her staffers:

Gawker had filed a FOIA request with the State Department in 2012, seeking some of Reines’ correspondence with a journalist. That FOIA request was denied by the State Department on the grounds that they possessed no emails of Reines’ sent to that journalist. Well, no. When you allow a State Department staffer to use a private email in order to conduct State Department business, then you can correctly claim that you don’t have the emails. But the point is: You are supposed to have them!

Again, we see a bold-faced attack on open government by Liberals and a clear signal that they believe they are beyond accountability. This is as bad as the IRS making up transparent lies about broken hard drives to refuse information to Congress.

Rahm Emanuel seems to be showing the same mindset by engaging in the same behavior.