Another Global Warming Polar Expedition Delayed by Ice

Once again a ship trying to investigate global warming runs into thick ice that is not supposed to be there.

Perhaps the most entertaining thing to happen in climate “science” happened in December 2013 when a ship sailed toward Antarctica so the crew could document the effects of global warming. Tad Cronn posted about what happened:

It’s not exactly the wacky adventures of the passengers of the SS Minnow, but the team of New Zealand researchers on board the Akademik Shokalskiy, that got stuck in the Antarctic at Christmas, just can’t catch a break.

First, the whole pack of them went to Antarctica to try to prove some cockamamie ideas about global warming by following in the footsteps of a previous doomed Antarctic expedition, led 100 years ago by Douglas Mawson. On that expedition, by the way, nearly everybody died.

Their ship gets frozen in the ice, which some doofus on their blog tried to blame on “old” ice from a melting iceberg – melting because of global warming, mind you — that got blown toward their ship in such large quantities that it refroze, locking them in place.

(This goes against the description on the same blog of a storm that whipped up the waves and froze the sea for miles around.)

The ice is so thick that even China’s massive icebreaker Snow Dragon, designed for such conditions, can’t get closer than six miles to the ship full of stooges. Said pack of doofi can’t just march to the rescue ship, which they can see in their binoculars, because the weather is so cold – despite global warming – that they would all freeze to death before they got there.

You will probably grin or even chuckle when you learn that it has happened again! Now we have ice thickened by global warming (what else could make such thick ice?) obstructing a ship trying to go to the other pole—the Arctic. InfoWars reports,

A scientific expedition to study “global warming” was delayed by record ice in the Arctic.

The icebreaker ship used for the 115-day expedition had to be rerouted Tuesday to break ice for commercial ships in the Hudson Bay because the ice conditions are the worst they’ve been in 20 years, according to the Canadian Coast Guard.

“Obviously it has a large impact on us,” said Martin Fortier, the executive director of the “global warming” research institute ArcticNet, which was spearheading the expedition.

The ice is so thick that ships are having to skirt around it.

“The same ice has also been blamed for bringing two polar bears into the community last week — a highly unusual event,” CBC News reported.

polar bears roasting penguin

The volume of Arctic sea ice has increased by 33% since 2013, although scientists who are funded to promote the government-driven “global warming” agenda are claiming the record ice is a freak occurrence.

This is funny. But it is also serious when you realize how the government is still intent on harming the economy in the name of saving us from global warming!