Another Incidental “Tax” from Obamacare

Everyone knows that when you buy a house, you’re going to incur far more costs than just the price tag on the structure and property alone. You’re going to have to start paying property tax, insurance, maintenance, heating and air, electrical, and numerous other incidentals along the way.

Obamacare’s kind of like that. Except you don’t even get a nice house out of it. You pretty much just get a lower quality of life and a bunch of new and incidental taxes, part of which will be kicked back to filter-feeding politicians and their cronies and the other part of which will be flushed down the toilet with what remains of our once great country.

So you’re probably going to be hearing an announcement every few weeks about a new and unintended consequence of Obamacare that, of course, you will ultimately be paying for. And by the way, you (the person paying) will receive no benefit from Obamacare. Medical quality will likely be lowered overall, as it has been in other countries with socialized medicine. But other than this, you will do no more than foot the bill for people who are not responsible enough either to pay their own bills or tend to their own health.

Exhibit 3,472. New FDA regulations stemming from the passage of Obamacare, which unlike a kidney stone, has only gotten more painful since its passing, forces grocery stores (and restaurants) to have detailed nutritional information for all the food they serve. Most restaurants are okay with this, but grocery stores are complaining bitterly about the new regulations. Apparently, the supermarket business operates on a very thin margin of profit (even thinner than the restaurant business—$6 for one beer… really?), and the added cost of sending ready-made/deli/prepared food off to a lab to have it tested would assuredly increase the cost to the consumer. That’s you. Again.

Since the civil government is taking your money to pay higher prices for the lower-quality healthcare you’ll be receiving, the civil government also wants to make sure you’re living a more healthy lifestyle. Big Brother really cares after all. And we all know that the nutritional information at McDonald’s has done so much to curb unhealthy eating habits there. And let’s not forget how absolutely effective the Surgeon General’s Warning on cigarette packs has been. Sarcasm. Yes, as you might have guessed, these measures, and measures like them, increase your costs without benefiting anyone and they are entirely ineffective at generating any large change in behavior.

I know we thought through all this before we passed Obamacare. No. No, we didn’t.