Another Lie from Obama? That Falsifies the Entire Rationale of Obamacare? Really?

From the Daily Caller:

A Harvard University study published Thursday concludes that Medicaid enrollment significantly boosts emergency room visits.

This is in direct contradiction to the Obama administration’s claims that his healthcare reform law would put a dent in costly visits to the ER as a way to cut spending.

Harvard researchers had a unique opportunity in Oregon’s 2008 Medicaid expansion. The state had limited funding to expand the program and established a lottery to decide who would get coverage. The study followed the healthcare consumption of those that won Medicaid coverage and those in the lottery that didn’t.

As it turns out, there was a 40 percent increase in ER visits by those who made it into Medicaid. Medicaid patients went to the emergency department 1.43 times in 18 months on average, while lottery hopefuls that didn’t make it into the program only made an average of 1.02 visits.

And what’s more, the increased visits are for the same primary care services that President Barack Obama singled out as a factor Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion would cut down on. Researchers found no decline in ER visits for smaller ailments such as colds and flus, which would be better treated by primary care physicians instead.

The study pushes back against much of the Obama administration’s justifications for the Medicaid expansion.

In November, President Obama spoke about the healthcare law in New Orleans, chastising Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal for declining Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

When it comes to poor residents’ coverage, Obama claimed that “we just pay for the most expensive version, which is when they go to the emergency room because what happens is the hospitals have to take sick folk.” But in Oregon’s experience, taxpayers are actually on the hook for even more emergency room services.

This is absolutely shocking news—on two counts:

1) You mean to tell me that people who don’t pay anything for medical care aren’t concerned with how much it costs everyone else to pay for that “free” care? Who could have guessed that!?!

2) The White House lied to the American people to get its way, and promote another program that will hasten our economic ruin?!?

These things are beyond belief… unless you subscribe to the historic Western sociology of man, which says he’s a sinner… but… hey… we all know that’s so old fashioned! Today we know it’s “good” to steal from your neighbors, and lie to them.

Just ask Barack Obama.