Another Piece Of Insanity From Pravdawood: Jack Ryan, Christian Slayer

Why am I ever surprised anymore by the lunacy of Hollywood? Sounds like another flick where Hollywood’s PC beliefs will cost them dearly.

From Gateway Pundit:

The California cowards are afraid to link Islam and terror and afraid to portray the horrors of fanatical Islamists who declared war on America over a decade ago.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is latest example of Hollywood cowardice.

The movie starts out with scenes from a London campus on 9-11-2001. Yet, Hollywood chose not to show the actual towers crumbling to the ground. That would be too offensive – to Muslims. Instead any actual footage of the attack were left to the imagination.

Then, as the movie develops you discover the enemies who are set on blowing up New York City are Christians from Russia who get their orders from the local Orthodox priest in Deerborn, Michigan. Got that?

Anyway – Jack Ryan is able to stop the young church-going Christian before he was able to blow up Wall Street. Jack Ryan saves the day. Thank you, Jack Ryan. The US is once again safe from the dreaded Christian terrorists. You really must see this to believe it. You just can’t make this stuff up. We are living in a very non-serious time with very serious enemies. Someone needs to tell Hollywood that the Christians aren’t the ones plotting and scheming to blow up Wall Street.

Remember “The Sum of All Fears”? It was slated to be released right after 9/11 and would likely have been a massive blockbuster if they had followed the book, but they changed the villains from Islamic terrorists to Neo-Nazis, and the believability quotient went from a 10 down to about 1.6–a monumental flop.

Now, they want us to swallow Orthodox Christian terrorists from Dearborn, Michigan!?! Puh-leeze! Glad we chose “Frozen,” on Friday, instead.