Another Reason Obamacare Must Go With The Rest Of Welfare State: Legal Marijuana

We live in an insane society where almost anything that is not statutorily criminal is forced on us as something we must believe is good for us. This is one of the problems I warned about regarding the Colorado voters’ decision to decriminalize marijuana–this toxic assumption in society:

We have developed a frightening legal environment in this country that anything that is “legal” becomes a civil rights issue allowing a person to sue employers and landlords and anyone else who doesn’t approve of his or her choice. This is why I want to talk about drugs being “decriminalized” rather than legalized. Without the freedom of association, including employers and landlords and private schools—at least!—all other “freedoms” actually become impositions. Thus, homosexual “freedom” is actually the enslavement of conservatives to homosexual convenience.

I’m disappointed to see this warning already applies to some (?) of the reporting on the Colorado law. Here’s the Christian Science Monitor.

Nearly a week into Colorado’s unprecedented foray into marijuana legalization, it’s all going smoothly.


The biggest concerns of critics – whether the new policy will increase teen use or lead to marijuana trickling out of the state, for instance – may take months or years to assess. But so far, the biggest snarls have revolved around shortage of supply and long lines at the handful of dispensaries. Since Colorado, for now, requires marijuana businesses to grow most of the cannabis they sell, supply and demand could be tricky, especially in these early months.

That’s pretty much either a whitewash or the reporter is simply writing down a bit of PR without thinking about it—which is virtually the same thing. The fact is, Colorado’s medical marijuana law from 2009 already showed increased teen use and marijuana trickling out of state, as this video shows.

The marijuana decriminalization rollout seems as covered in fairy tale fictions as the “immigration reform” propaganda that insists on granting all sorts of welfare rights to illegals (no, we don’t typically say “undocumented” on this blog).

This controlled exception to the drug war is arguably more dangerous than if we simply decriminalized all drugs, ended the entire prescription system that prohibit us from buying our own medicine, and abolished the FDA. Rather than making it clear that people must be responsible for themselves and whether or not they are going to wreck their lives and their families, we’re training them to think that marijuana is almost good for them.

That is delusional.

And just as we can’t afford the drug war, we can’t afford the medical bills of drug use either. The entire premise of Obamacare that we all have to take care of one another is only feasible if we control one another.

The only way freedom works is if we are all forced to bear the costs and consequences of our own choices as much as possible. This includes harsh penalties for all accidents in which marijuana is a contributing factor and letting people suffer the effects of their own foolishness.

The entire social welfare state needs to be abolished if we want to be free to make our own choices. People in Colorado and their media cheerleaders are playing with fire by pretending that ending prohibition means anything less catastrophic.