Another State Persecutes Tesla

Iowa tries to hamper Tesla from reaching potential customers.


The Iowa Department of Transportation has made another move against Tesla. I say “another” move because the Iowa state government has already forbidden Teslas to be sold at stores in Iowa.

In order to get some idea of the kind of insanity that has gripped the nation, and the power-games that the states are playing, I direct you, dear reader, to this post about New Jersey’s adventure in marketplace fascism—sponsored by the “Republican” Chris Christie.

As I wrote then:

It isn’t just Chris Christie. Many states have banned Tesla from selling “direct” to consumers. Crony corruption is so foundational to the politicians that they sometimes simply assume that everyone knows about it and should act accordingly. Reading this Bloomberg story I get a similar reaction to the first time I realized how insanely government-botched our farming and food system is.

 In the case of New Jersey, the hatred of Tesla was so visceral that they simply made up new rules and then accused the company of violating them.

In Iowa, while Tesla was tyrannically prohibited from establishing retail outlets, they could still sell online. Naturally, they found ways to offer test drives to people who claimed to be interested in purchasing their own vehicle.

But no longer!

According to the Cedar Valley Business Monthly: “Iowa bars Tesla Motors from offering test drives.”

The Iowa Transportation Department has told Tesla Motors to stop offering test drives.

The department said the test drives were illegal because Tesla isn’t a licensed auto dealer in Iowa and because Iowa law bars carmakers from retail sales.

A Tesla spokeswoman told the newspaper that the company doesn’t think the statutes apply because the company was offering only three-day test drives, not actually selling cars.

So the Department of Transportation in Iowa has some kind of general authority to forbid a person or business from allowing other people to drive one of their automobiles?

This is just more evidence that we are not a free country.