Another Terror Scare Tactic, Merry Christmas

Don’t let your celebration get spoiled by every national security scare tactic.

Gadsden Flag Terrorism

This report came out three days before Christmas: “FBI Bulletin Warns Of Possible ISIS Terror Plot in Memphis.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Memphis Division is warning police officers about a threat to blow up the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge sometime in December.  FOX13 News obtained the FBI bulletin sent to Mid-South Law Enforcement agencies warning about a possible Islamic State terror plot targeting the I-55 Bridge. 

This is what I wrote to friends Christmas morning when I shared this story:

Go ahead… get all worked up about an ISIS threat in America—Tennessee, no less. Then, when you’ve calmed your breathing, and your senses begin to return from oxygen deprivation, remember:

TSA was created to save us from terrorists… and they’ve nabbed zero in 13 years. Zero. Nada. Bupkis. None. Nobody. Nary an evil soul.

Also, every “disrupted” terrorist plot I’ve ever seen reported has involved government sources as the providers of the explosives or firearms to be utilized in the alleged plot—in other words, every “terrorist” caught was clueless about gaining the means to carry out an attack, without government “help.” Would they have ever done anything, without a taxpayer-funded push to do so?

[See also, “Another FBI-Assisted Terrorist Attack Thwarted by the FBI.”]

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

Do people exist who would do us harm, if they could? Sure. But you have more to worry about from criminals in your own city than boogeymen from ISIS. The Second Amendment provides sufficient means to deal with virtually every possible threat, and the rest have such small chances of ever happening that it’s simply not worth losing sleep over.

Freedom comes with risks, but it’s darn well worth it. We don’t need the growing Police State, we simply need to be ready to die any day (which is much more likely to happen in a car accident than from “terrorism”), and then we can live.

Sleep soundly, my friend. And… if you see someone taking aim on innocent people, or setting up explosives… take ’em out. Terrorists can defeat a nation of sheep and their cowardly shepherds, but they can’t touch a nation brimming with watchdogs, prepared and ready to bite hard.

That was the Founders’ plan, and it’s the best there is in this fallen world.