Another Tragedy Shows the Importance of Gun Ownership

Most people who elect to spend money on lottery tickets and not on gun ownership do just fine, except for the wasted money on lottery tickets.

Craigory Burch Jr. and everyone around him probably thought he was luckier than most unarmed lottery players. He won $434,272.

But he wasn’t lucky at all. He would have been luckier if he’d never won the money.

You know what comes next.

After his winnings were announced (all over the local media one can assume) the door of Burch’s residence was kicked in. Three men, masked and armed, burst into the home. And the lucky lottery winner was instantly reduced to uselessly pleading for a better death.

Fox 2 Now reported, quoting girlfriend Jasmine Hendricks,

“When they came in, he said, don’t do it bro. Don’t do it in front of my kids. He said please don’t do it in front of my kids and my old lady. Please don’t do that bro. Please don’t. He said I’ll give you my bank card.”

Hendricks says Burch threw his pants to the robbers. She’s sure they were after some of the money he had won.  “Ever since he hit the lottery we kept getting calls, text messages, all that, saying, ‘be careful because people are out for him to rob him.”

Hendricks says the men shot Burch shortly after realizing his wallet wasn’t in those pants. He died instantly. “They took my man from me. They took my son’s daddy from him. Both of my sons.”

Now there is nothing for the mother of Burch’s children, or her own mother, to do but to beg law enforcement for justice. I hope they get justice, fast and severe. But even if they do, it won’t bring Burch back.

Burch should have immediately invested in a handgun, ammunition, basic training, and a safe-storage system that would have prevented the children from getting the weapon when he wasn’t carrying it. He should have acquired a concealed carry permit.

If Burch looked at all the possibilities and risks and freely chose to not acquire a handgun, that would be his right.

But I suspect he was misled by politicians who insist that all people be disarmed. If I am right, then those people assisted the three masked gunmen. Yes, I’m looking at you, President Obama.

Do you think you can trust the government to protect you?

Below is a news story about the murder with a related story tagged to the end of it. The Georgia legislature is considering a bill that would allow state lottery winners to not have their names announced—only if they give up 25 percent of the jackpot. Stories like this don’t give me hope that the government’s highest priority is the protection of people.