Anti-Gun Colorado Lawmakers Facing Recalls

Earlier this year the Democratic state legislature of Colorado passed a number of anti-gun bills.  They restricted magazines to 15 rounds or less for rifles, 8 for shotguns.  They also passed a bill that calls for sweeping background checks on all gun purchases including private sales or just transfer of ownership.  To add insult to injury, they passed another bill that forces all gun purchases to pay for their background checks.  Lastly, they restricted conceal carry permits to exclude schools, colleges and stadiums.

After both the state House and Senate passed the measures, Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper quickly signed them all into law.

The actions have forced several firearms related companies to move their businesses to other more gun friendly states.  In addition, the Outdoor Channel canceled 4 programs filmed in Colorado and has been advising everyone to avoid traveling to the mountainous state for any reason.

Now there are more repercussions arising that just may end a few political careers.  Recalls have been launched against 4 state politicians including Senate President John Morse who spearheaded a large part of the anti-Second Amendment legislation. Others being recalled are State Senators Evie Hudak and Angela Giron and State Representative Mike McLachlan.

Laura Carno, Founder of I Am Created Equal, is involved in the recall against Morse.  Currently, Carno’s recall efforts, along with the other 3 drives are in the signature gathering phase.  They need to gather 7,100 signatures by June 3.  In an interview with Cam Edwards, Carno shared that polls have indicated that 58% of Coloradoans said the gun laws went too far.  The district in which the poll was taken is roughly 1/3 Democrats, 1/3 Republicans and 1/3 Independents.  She is also getting support from Democrats as well as Republicans for the recall.

She also pointed out that there was no effort to pass these bad anti-gun laws until New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg became involved and started pouring millions of dollars into Colorado to get these laws passed.  In fact, after the shootings last summer in Aurora, Gov. Hickenlooper said he was not in favor of passing any new gun control laws.  But once Bloomberg waived his wallet in their faces, attitudes changed and the laws were passed.

If you live in Colorado or know of anyone who does, please sign the recall petitions and help drive these Bloomberg paid liberals out of office.  Not only is this a chance to get rid of these bad politicians, but it’s also a chance to replace them with more conservative and gun friendly politicians.