Anti-“Homophobes” Are Haters: Wishing Evil On Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card is a Mormon, not a Christian, and I’ve never thought of him as a spectacular writer compared to Gene Wolfe, James Blaylock, Tim Powers, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, K. W. Jeter, George Alec Effinger, John Scalzi, or Allen Steele, etc. And I’m one of the few people who didn’t find Ender’s Game that interesting. Don’t know why. Just didn’t.

But this is disgusting and barbaric:

Good news for fans of Ender’s Game who don’t want their movie ticket dollars lining the pockets of notorious homophobe: They won’t. After all that controversy over author Orson Scott Card‘s extreme conservative views, a new report indicates that Card doesn’t actually stand to make any money off of Gavin Hood‘s film, and never did.

However, devotees of Card’s story aren’t totally in the clear. Card is still profiting from sales of his original novel, which has climbed to the top of the New York Times bestseller list in advance of the film’s release. Hit the jump to learn why Card won’t rake in any of that sweet box office dough.

What a stupid, anti-intellectual, and self-destructive thing to write.

Justin Raimondo is, in my opinion, the greatest American columnist writing today. There is not a month that goes by that I don’t thank Jesus that he is alive and writing. Nor does a month go by that I don’t feel guilty for being too broke to sponsor his I am sorry he’s rejected what God has to say about homosexuality and that he interprets his own inclinations on the matter the way he does. But I’ve grown up in the US and I have gotten accustomed to a society in which not everyone is a Christian. Not much I can do to change that. I suppose, by Angie Han’s rules of economic warfare for sexual orthodoxy (mine or hers) I should only seek out a used copy of his excellent book Reclaiming the American Right, because I don’t want one penny lining his pocket.

But what about my investment in the too-few books I’ve owned by Camille Paglia, the notorious homosexual(or is she bi-? I get confused) intellectual. I confess I haven’t bought her books lately because I’ve stopped buying as many books in general, but her Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson was an amazing look at human history—yes, even for a fundamentalist like me who believes neither in Darwin nor Freud.

Then there is Florence King and a novelist I only began reading after his recent death, Gore Vidal. I guess since he’s dead now I can safely purchase his works and work through Narratives of Empire without fearing that royalties will reach his departed spirit.

But what about heterosexual people who support homosexual “marriage”? Am I supposed to tell fellow Christians, “Yeah, I really liked Old Man’s War, but don’t worry: I got it from the library.” All my Christian friends would think I had lost my mind. It doesn’t enter their heads to worry about economically supporting unbelievers of all sorts.

Anti-“homophobes” are anti-intellectual self-parodies. They survive by practicing a purity code of intellectual hygiene.

And if it is right and good to never grant a penny to an author who doesn’t believe in same sex “marriage,” then it follows that all self-respecting anti-“homophobes” would refuse to hire such people as well. So their pending “civil rights”—the right to sue breeders for not hiring them—will only work one way.

What kind of maladjusted morons spend one second worrying about book sale profits going to someone they disagree with?

What I have read from Orson Scott Card (and I’m pretty confident that it is representative) on homosexuality has always been cordial and civil. Anti-“homophobes” ranted against Fred Phelps as if they hate him. They don’t. They love him. He is the only allowable profile of anyone who opposes what they believe. He justifies their counter-attack. And they refuse to believe that Card can be any different.

At their core, anti-“homophobes” are anti-diversity.