More Anti-Liberal Abolition of Tolerance from Liberals

Tolerance used to mean agreeing to disagree with those of differing convictions. You respectfully discuss an issue, and leave one another alone, even if you never experience a meeting of the minds.

“Gay” “Marriage”

Today, tolerance means punishing those who disagree with you, and bankrupting them. How sweet. I wonder if Eric Holder and the ACLU would go to bat for a KKK group whose request for a cake depicting a lynching was rejected by a black baker.

The Daily Signal reports: “Great-Grandma Florist Could Lose Livelihood for Saying No to This Wedding.”

A florist in Washington state is being sued for adhering to her Christian beliefs in declining to make flower arrangements for one couple’s wedding.

Before the lawsuit, Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Wash., had employed workers who identify as homosexual and sold floral arrangements to gay and lesbian customers.

One such customer turned out to be one of the men who would sue her for not being willing to be hired for their same-sex wedding.

Unlike businesses that face similar lawsuits for refusing to provide specific wedding-related services to gay and lesbian couples on religious grounds—among them bakers in Oregon and farmers in New York—Stutzman is being sued in both a professional and personal capacity.


Stutzman is represented by Kristen Waggoner, a lawyer at Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization dedicated to defending religious liberty.

But a few days later, the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington filed a civil suit against Stutzman on behalf of Ingersoll and Freed.

The suits, since consolidated into Arlene’s Flowers v. Ferguson, were filed in Washington’s Benton County Superior Court.

Waggoner says it is unprecedented for the Washington attorney general’s office to sue a family business owner in a personal capacity unless that owner has committed acts of fraud or misrepresentation.

“They’re trying to set an example of her and punish her,” says Waggoner, noting the suit has the potential to cripple Stutzman’s livelihood. “She’s not wealthy, so common sense would tell you that it’s going to hurt pretty bad.”

I tell ya what: If someone doesn’t want to do business with me, I’d just drive over and spend my money elsewhere. But… modern Liberals and Leftists will never be happy until everyone is forced to capitulate to their views, or is in jail, or is dead.

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Hmm, sounds like ISIS has ideological kin in high places of the West.