Anti-Smoking Obamacare: Government Dogooderism At Its Incompetent Finest

Smoking is really bad for you. So naturally the government must discourage you from doing it. If you are an informed person, who still decides to smoke, then obviously information is not enough. Punishments and rewards must be implemented for you that are greater or more immediate than the market and health costs of smoking.

Thus, Obamacare is probably the only practice that is actually permitted to change your risk pool. If you want to shoot yourself up with hormones and get a doctor to cut off and stitch on tissue to make you some kind of effigy of the opposite sex, then Obamacare says you must not be “discriminated against.”  All the other people who made different choices are forced to pay for yours. But if you choose to smoke, you’re on your own. Insurance prices go up.

On the other hand, these smoker policies are required to offer all sorts of goodies to help you quit smoking. The government in its magnanimous wisdom has made sure counseling programs are available to you.

In this way the angels who hold power over us can deter us from smoking by the cost and also persuade us not to smoke by these “medical” benefits that will help us quit.

What could possibly go wrong? Fox News:

ObamaCare may have backfired in its goal of making smoking so expensive that users quit, public health experts say, as sky-high insurance premiums force smokers to drop coverage altogether and lose smoking cessation programs along with it.

“Tobacco surcharges are not proven to help tobacco users quit and there are major concerns that they will prevent people from getting health care coverage,” the American Lung Association’s Jennifer Singleterry said.

The ALA supports the Affordable Care Act, as does the American Cancer Society, but both oppose the tobacco penalty because they believe it makes insurance unaffordable for smokers.

So the smokers are quitting, but they aren’t quitting the cancer sticks. They’re quitting Obamacare.

Take a moment to laugh at the geniuses who developed this system.

Of course, the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society are basically hoping to gouge non-smokers so that they can get more money “helping” smokers. Their opposition to the extra charge for smokers is entirely self-centered and wrong.

Unlike drug addicts, alcoholics, or the obese – all of whom represent higher-than-average medical costs – smokers are the only such group with a pre-existing condition that ObamaCare penalizes.

But why should people who refuse to use drugs or don’t drink, have to pay higher premiums to pay for the treatments of those who do drugs and drink in unhealthy ways? If it is unfair to make non-smokers pay for smokers, it is just as unfair in the other cases.

Of course, smokers probably aren’t going to buy policies that are more expensive because they offer treatment and counseling for them if they want to quit. For this and other reasons, counseling and treatment for smokers or drug abusers has typically been offered from “outside” the market either by altruism that supports treatment centers or by the government funding such facilities.

Obamacare rigging the insurance companies to offer these programs as “insurance” is simply not working.