Did Anyone Really Expect Barack Obama to Confront the Saudis on Human Rights?

It really understates what is going on to say that President Obama failed to discuss human rights with the Saudi royalty. He refuses to speak to them while he goes out of his way to accuse other nations of human rights violations. He has worked hard to spread Russophobia and to pressure Nigeria and other African countries for taking much less violent action than what we find in Saudi Arabia. The Olympic coverage was full of disparaging remarks about Russia’s oppression of homosexuals, even though homosexuals are far better off in Russia or Nigeria than they are in Saudi Arabia.

But the Saudis get a free pass.

CNS reports,

President Obama did not raise human rights concerns during his meeting with Saudi King Abdullah, an administration official confirmed after the two leaders talked for more than two hours.

“The focus of the meeting was strategic and regional topics,” said the official, briefing reporters on background about Friday’s talks at the king’s desert encampment northwest of Riyadh. Asked again specifically whether human rights had come up, the official replied, “No.”

Asked further whether Obama had raised the Saudis’ decision to deny a visa to a Jewish member of the White House press corps wanting to cover the visit, the official, said “I don’t believe it came up in the meeting.”

The official pointed out that National Security Adviser Susan Rice had brought up the visa denial issue with Saudi officials earlier, and “they certainly know our views and our objection to the way in which that situation was handled.”

Obama’s meeting with Abdullah came a day after the president said he told Pope Francis that “it is central to U.S. foreign policy that we protect the interests of religious minorities around the world.”

It is quite an embarrassing contrast to have the President talking so big to the Pope and then producing a big nothing when dealing with what is at least one of the top five most religiously intolerant countries in the world. But even without that demonstration, we should all know that Barack Obama is lying. The U.S. Federal Government doesn’t protect the interests of religious minorities; we use Islamic terrorists to torture and kill them. In fact, the government uses Saudi Arabia to help in that endeavor.

It is a demonstration of the power of propaganda that most people know who Vladimir Putin is but can’t name the ruler of the Saudi Kingdom. Every time we pretend to take the moral high ground by bullying some country because they don’t behave the way we say they should (all too often, for not accepting homosexuality), remember how arbitrary we are in who we condemn and who we cover for.