How Is Appeasement Working Out For You, Republicans?

I think answers the question:

President Obama is done playing nice with the budget. The White House will be ditching a proposal to curtail Social Security cost-of-living increases, along with other policies that he included last year in an attempt to reach out to Republicans, the Wall Street Journal reports. “This year, the administration is returning to a more traditional budget presentation that is focused on achieving the president’s vision,” a White House official said in a memo, meaning that it will focus on Democratic priorities.

“Republicans consistently showed a lack of willingness to negotiate … refusing to identify even one unfair tax loophole they would be willing to close,” an official tells the Washington Post. Obama is willing to negotiate, he said, but not in the budget. He will, however, stick to the overall spending limits Congress has already agreed to. John Boehner called Obama’s position a “non-starter,” Politico reports. “The president has no interest in doing anything, even modest, to address the looming debt crisis,” his spokesman said.

Uh, Boehner, y’all just voted for a horrible budget, a bloated farm bill, and then raised the debt ceiling like a pack of trained and neutered old dogs without trying to get anything for it. You did this for a President who is presiding over one of the worst train wrecks in the history of Federal programs.

Why should he care what you think is a non-starter?

He has openly spit on the authority and prerogatives of the Congress, re-writing and then re-writing again the Affordable Care Act to try to control or slow down the damage it does in order to further his own Party’s political interests. Have you called him on it at all?

He’s a complete loser acting like a winner. How can he be winning? Because the opposing team has left the field.

No wonder he lords it over you and treats your concerns with contempt. He holds you in contempt. I hate to admit it, but I agree with him.