Apple Pushing Transgender Propaganda on iPhone Users

Siri will now parrot transgender propaganda, but she can’t tell you Bruce Jenner’s sex.

Wired loves it, of course: “Siri Corrects Users Who Don’t Respect Caitlyn Jenner.”

Just to point out the obvious lie. People who are horrified that Bruce Jenner emasculated himself and pretended to be a pin-up model are not lacking respect for him. They alone respect him at all. They are the only real friends he has. Eventually, he is going to realize that. Hopefully, when he does so, he will courageously speak out rather than quietly commit suicide like so many other eunuch transgenders do.

But the haters at have mastered projecting themselves on others. So we get a few column inches of tech bullying portrayed in a self-righteous boast.

Users who ask Siri certain questions about Jenner, the celebrity superstar and transgender icon, while using her former name will be corrected by Apple’s smart assistant, as reported by BuzzFeed.


Even though she’s not perfect, the fact that Siri noticed my mistakes at least sometimes is a pretty big win for her, and more generally, for the ability of computers to offer up the kinds of answers that humans might give.

jenner female

Here is a screenshot displayed in the story.

Siri obviously doesn’t know what she is talking about.

The correct terms describing “gender” are “masculine,” “feminine,” and “neuter.” Many languages use different endings in their words. The words are said to have a gender.

“Female” is a term referring to biology.

So, if you have an iPhone, awaken Siri and ask her the following question: “What is Bruce Jenner’s sex?”

I tried it and Siri didn’t understand the question.

Obviously, Siri’s programmers’ orders did not include any reference to biology. Supposedly “gender” is completely different than biology (even though Siri used the term “female”) and is a completely social construct. Yet Jenner has had extensive surgery on his body and is under a hormone regimen. In other words, Jenner’s “gender” is all about biology and everyone knows it.

But rather than admit that Jenner is disrespecting others by lying and demanding that they join him in this lie, Siri wants to let you know that you had better parrot the party line or you will be considered rude.

George Orwell said the essence of freedom was to be able to claim two plus two is four. But it is also being permitted to say that a man is a man and a woman is a woman without getting pressured or ostracized.

How long before Siri refuses to use the terms “husband” and “wife”?