As We Approach The First Sandy Hook Anniversary People Are Rejecting Gun Limits

From GovBeat (The Washington Post):

This Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of the massacre at Newtown, Conn.’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. Twenty children, six staff members, shooter Adam Lanza and his mother all died that day. The killings reinvigorated both sides of the gun-control debate, but gun rights advocates maintained the edge they’ve had for years.

An impressive (roughly) 1,500 state gun bills have been introduced in the year since the Newtown massacre and, of those, 109 are now law, according to The New York Times. Seventy of the enacted laws loosen gun restrictions, while just 39 tighten them. And, though largely symbolic, some 136 bills nullifying federal gun regulations were sponsored in 40 states. In Colorado, two pro-gun control lawmakers were booted from office in historic recalls and a third stepped down in anticipation of a similar fight.

The nonprofit Sunlight Foundation, which promotes government openness and transparency, reviewed lobbying, spending and policies at the state and federal level over the years and, along nearly every metric, rights advocates have trounced opponents.


Though support for stricter gun laws spiked slightly recently, it’s falling back down to its historically low levels, according to Gallup data. But while support for stricter laws has fallen, support for loosening restrictions has remained relatively steady. Instead, support for making no changes has climbed.

Because I’m sensitive about posting dire news all the time… something very, very encouraging to note.

This shows yet again how positively, absolutely out-of-touch the elites are with the American populace. They’re always pandering to the tiniest slices of the nation, and ignoring the masses—BECAUSE… the masses are too-often silent in the face of the elite’s oppression and plundering.

On a related note, thirty-two states attended the first planning session this past weekend at Mount Vernon, laying down the framework for an Article V Convention of the States to put some chains on DC’s meddling.

Let’s do this!